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Blue Link Inventory Management and Accounting ERP software

Wholesale Distribution Accounting and Inventory ERP Software

Blue Link provides integrated Accounting Software & Inventory Management Software to small and medium sized businesses,
primarily wholesalers & distributors.

Blue Link Elite

Blue Link Elite is Compatible with Windows 7

Is Inventory management and Accounting critical to your business? Blue Link Elite manages inventory, order processing and procurement, built on a strong accounting foundation. Built for small and medium businesses to offer functionality typically only available to companies with big budgets. To learn more click the Request Demo button below.

Inventory / Accounting / eCommerce

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Lot Tracking Traceability Software for the Food & Medical Industry

Traceability Software | Lot Tracking Software

Mark Canes talks about Blue Link Software

Mark Canes talks about Blue Link Software

Pat Chown discusses Blue Link software

Featured inventory management and accounting video testimonial

Blue Link ERP is an integrated Accounting, Inventory Management & Business Management software solution complete with Contact Management and eCommerce integration. Our distribution inventory software is perfect for small and medium companies in the wholesale distribution sector. Functionality by sub-industry:

Wholesale Software eCommerce Software Distribution Software Service and Repair Import and Export Light Manufacturing
"We have been able to seamlessly integrate the two platforms (Blue Link & Magento eCommerce) to tie-in our inventory, customers, orders and streamline a lot of stuff so there is no duplication of work - it's very smooth." - Ben Burmaster, SnuggleBugz