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Blue Link Associates Limited develops and delivers a fully integrated ERP software suite including:

What is ERP?

Fun Facts About Blue Link
Saga Sciences

“Blue Link has been amazing right from the sales team, support, training…everything. We couldn’t have asked for a better partnership with an operating system”

–Melanie Beckett, Assistant Director of Sales & Operations, Saga Sciences

Industry Fit

Blue Link ERP is designed for a wide range of clients including:

  • Small & Medium businesses
  • Primarily Distributors, Wholesalers & Retailers
  • Businesses in Canada, The United States and The Caribbean
  • Blue Link replaces introductory systems like Quickbooks, Peachtree or Simply Accounting, as well as legacy UNIX or FoxPro systems and ERP systems like Accpacc, Business Vision, Everest and MAS90/MAS200
Some more fun facts about Blue Link:

  • We began operations in 1992
  • Our first client is still with us today – enjoying upgrades
  • Our software is Windows Based but accessible on both PCs and Macs & our system is easily customizable
  • We offer both on-premises and cloud-based deployment

Why Us

Blue Link ERP Software

Unlike most software packages that force you to adapt your business to suit their processes because they lack required functionality for distributors and wholesalers, we provide a comprehensive solution with wholesale/distribution functionality that can be readily customized to match your specific business processes. The result is higher productivity, more meaningful reports and better business decisions. With Blue Link Elite, we give you the platform you need to grow your business.

“It’s your business. Run it your way!”

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Foundation Wholesale Software

“When I met Mark Canes, I was thrilled to find a solution that I believed would get us off to a good start. I had only hoped it would be able to stay with us for a long time. Over the last 12 years, every 2 years I have done a major software review of our ERP system and every time I have decided to stay with Blue Link”

– Pat Chown, Owner, Foundation Distributing


At Blue Link, our vision is to be the most valuable, important and trusted business partner in the eyes of our customers.


We exist to provide a platform for our customers that will help them to succeed and to grow profitably and efficiently. Blue Link is dedicated to providing superior, complete business software solutions to small and medium sized businesses at an affordable cost, together with the highest level of caring, competent and professional service.

Company Profile

Blue Link Associates Limited develops and delivers an integrated ERP, inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM) and accounting system for small and medium size businesses. When we began operations in 1992 we were the first to offer Windows-based software that is customizable and upgradeable. This allows us to accommodate unusual and distinct customer needs in such a way that does not lock our customers into older releases of the software years down the road.

If you are looking for software to help grow your company – you have found the right place!

Blue Link Associates Limited began operations in 1992 with our first full implementation in 1995. This customer, our first, continues to use Blue Link to this day and continues to enjoy software upgrades. We are completely customer-focused and as a result have a very satisfied long-standing customer base.

Many Blue Link customers have been found on the Profit 100 List of Fastest Growing Companies and have decided to fuel their growth with Blue Link software. Our software supports and contributes to this, with some growing more than ten-fold in size and revenue.

We our proud of our team that delivers personalized service to each of our customers. Each Blue Link customer receives service and support from someone they are familiar with and who knows their business inside and out.

Corporate Profile

The mandate of Blue Link Associates Limited is to provide innovative business and inventory software to small and medium sized businesses. Since 1992, our mix of accountants, qualified consultants and software engineers has offered a unique blend of expertise, and the assurance that our solutions are always designed from an end user’s business and accounting perspective.

We provide a complete accounting software package, encompassing both “back office” functions (like accounting and collections), and logistical / operational functions (like inventory management and billing). Our comprehensive financial software offerings are supplemented with professional services provided by dedicated developers and consultants, trained to meet your specific needs.

Blue Link’s head office is located just north of Toronto in Ontario, Canada.  Although we only serve businesses with head offices in North America and the Caribbean, Blue Link has software users in several countries around the world, including the United Kingdom, Japan, Taiwan and Russia.

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