Blue Link Provides Integrated Inventory & Accounting Software Capable Across Industries

Blue Link software offers unique benefits across a variety of industries including Wholesale, Distribution, Light Manufacturing, Service, Importing/Exporting, and eCommerce. Blue Link understands the differences between businesses and offers industry-specific and client-specific software solutions.

Blue Link ERP Software


Blue Link brings significant wholesale implementation experience to the table. Our software has been specially built for a variety of wholesalers including durable and non-durable goods.
Details: Wholesale Software


As with wholesale, many Blue Link customers are distributors across various industries. Our order processing, accounting and inventory management is designed with distributors in mind.
Details: Distribution Software


Blue Link offers several eCommerce solutions including B2C and B2B platforms. Combined with our powerful back-end system, these online solutions allow for significant business growth.
Details: eCommerce Software

Service & Repair

Blue Link software allows for the automation of service & repair businesses through our scheduler, service management and automated reporting enabling you to always stay on top of servicing and repairs.
Details: Service & Repair Software

Import & Export

Advanced landed cost tracking, multi-currency support, and warehouse shipping components are just a few examples of the functionality designed to enable importers and exporters.

Details: Import & Export Software

Light Manufacturing

Blue Link offers specialized modules for light manufacturing & assembly such as production control/BOM, product configuration and kitting to complement our core accounting and inventory software.
Details: Manufacturing Software

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