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Blue Link Software Team

The Blue Link Management Team

Strong organizational leadership keeps Blue Link ahead of the curve

Mark Canes
President and CEO

Mark Canes, President and CEO, Blue LinkA Chartered Accountant and CA-IT, Mark was a partner in a public accounting firm many years ago. After spending 11 years in the accounting profession, he has now gained over 20 years of experience in systems design, consulting and business software development. Mark offers a unique blend of business, accounting, and programming knowledge and expertise; the ideal mix for a vendor of accounting software and ERP software.

Mark honed his wholesale/distribution industry skills during his years in public accounting, where he specialized in owner-managed product-driven businesses. From there it was a logical progression to become the architect of a wholesale distribution software solution.

There are few things that Mark enjoys more than helping business owners reap the benefits of improved business processes. After watching so many Blue Link customers grow their businesses significantly over the years, Mark remains hungry to add to the list of success stories.


Darren Myher
V.P. Operations and CTO

Darren Myher, VP Operations and CTO, Blue LinkDarren holds an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, is an entrepreneur in his own right, and holds a number of Microsoft Certifications. As an undergrad at Wilfrid Laurier University, Darren spent much of his time focused on building the innovative student run IT group: PRISM. Darren has worked at Microsoft in the Education and Certification department, and created the first marketing web site for Oracle Canada.

Prior to joining Blue Link Darren worked for a Blue Link reseller that provided a complete set of services including computer hardware, networking, IT Management and business software solutions.

At Blue Link, Darren works directly with customers on architecting software solutions that support their business operations. He is involved in product architecture and design and works to make sure everything exceeds the expectations of our customers. Darren is a customer-focused individual with a talent for quickly understanding how businesses work, identifying competitive advantages, and translating that understanding into software designs that support those advantages.

Darren consistently raises the bar at Blue Link, with his unusual mix of business, software development and technical skills, and an extremely customer-focused outlook. Darren is one of the very few extremely technical people out there who understands how businesses work and is always able to place the customer's needs first.


Alana Canes
Customer Service and Office Manager

Alana Canes, Customer Service and Office Manager, Blue LinkThe multi-talented Alana Canes started her career as a registered pharmacist before joining Blue Link. One of the fundamental members of the Blue Link team, Alana Canes has seen all aspects of the business built from the ground up, literally. Back in 1992, when Blue Link was first created, Blue Link’s headquarters started in the basement of Alana’s townhouse.

Since the birth of the company, Alana has become heavily involved with many aspects of the organization. Handling customer care and administrative work, Alana is the backbone and glue which holds the Blue Link team together. Receiving positive feedback on how Blue Link offers a solution that goes above and beyond solving customer issues is one of the most gratifying feelings. Alana envisions the continuation and growth of Blue Link as we develop and innovative technologies to help client’s businesses reach new heights.


Michael Miner
Senior Business Software Consultant

Mike Miner, Senior Business Software Consultant, Blue LinkIn the early 90’s, after 15 years in service management, Mike took his career in a new direction by returning to school for training and emerging into the IT industry. With over 16 years of experience in the industry, Mike has become a guru in many aspects of ERP implementation ranging from needs analysis to data conversion to software training. Implementing Blue Link’s ERP software solution with Mike is never dull. Mike’s combination of ERP intelligence, reliability, and sense of humour provides the perfect combination to guarantee a smooth and easy implementation process.

One of Mike’s true passions is providing customers with the skills to data mine that clients did not think was possible. Mike’s honesty and genuine care for clients makes him a valuable asset in any implementation process. When implementing software, Mike’s collective team-based approach allows all parties to understand and learn the added benefit Blue Link’s software provides. As a result, the greatest satisfaction Mike receives is being able to provide clients with the skills needed to train him out of the job. Ultimately, Mike aims for clients to return with challenging problems for him to solve.


Lidia Laszlo
Senior Software Developer

Lidia, Senior Software Developer, Blue LinkOne of Blue Link’s long-standing team members, Lidia Laszlo, is one of the Senior Software Developers at Blue Link, bringing more than 20 years of experience in systems design and development. Joining Blue Link in 1998, she has been involved in all parts of the software development cycle. Lidia is focused on the detailed aspects of any custom programming project, having a comprehensive understanding of the modifications required to make a project succeed. Being presented with challenging projects and the opportunity to uncover superior and unique solutions is what brings excitement to Lidia’s day. As a senior software developer, Lidia strives to ensure customers recognize the value-added benefit Blue Link’s software solution brings to their business. However, when she’s not writing code, Lidia enjoys spending time in the kitchen creating her own gourmet recipes or indulging in European cuisine.