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Blue Link Software Testimonials

Blue Link Customer Testimonials


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Support in Times of Crisis

Blue Link for the Long-Run
- Foundation Distributing

Blue Link client - Foundation distributing testimonial video http://www.fdi.ca/
Blue Link client - Foundation Distributing

"When I met Mark Canes, I was thrilled to find a solution that I believed would get us off to a good start. I had only hoped it would be able to stay with us for a long time. Over the last 12 years, every 2 years I have done a major software review of our ERP system and every time I have decided to stay with Blue Link"
- Pat Chown, Owner

Stress-Free Implementation
- Wolfmark Promotional Apparel

Blue Link client - Wolfmark Apparel testimonial video http://www.fdi.ca/
Blue Link client - Foundation Distributing

"This is basically the 4th implementation we have done and it's definitely been the smoothest of the four. It has had the best transition, the most complete data and it's the first time we've been able to get our history with manual input. I was able to break away and go golfing the week of go-live!" - Boyd Sterling, Owner

Flexibility & Value | Replacing Business Vision

- Qualifirst Foods

Qualifirst Foods Testimonial http://www.qualifirst.com/
Qualifirst Testimonial

"I browsed the web extensively and found that there wasn't anyone else that provided better value - anywhere near the value. Anyone with even close to the capabilities as Blue Link has a much higher cost of ownership. There is no other competition in that category."- Ray Martin, President

Seamless eCommerce & ERP Software Integration - SnuggleBugz

Blue Link client - SnuggleBugz testimonial video http://www.snugglebugz.ca/
Blue Link client - SnuggleBugz

"We have been able to seamlessly integrate the two platforms (Blue Link & Magento eCommerce) to tie-in our inventory, customers, orders and streamline a lot of stuff so there is no duplication of work - it's very smooth."- Ben Burmaster, Owner

Replacing QuickBooks
- Southern Implants

Blue Link client - Middle Atlantic testimonial video www.southernimplants.us/

"With larger companies you can call up technical support and never speak to the same person twice. With Blue Link I know who I am dealing with, we have an on-going relationship and they know my needs. Many well-known accounting software packages had one or more of the features we required but none of them had all of them. We were extremely pleased to find Blue Link meeting all of our needs."
- Michael Nealon, CFO

Catering Software Solution
- Marigolds and Onions

Marigolds and Onions Catering testimonial video Marigolds and Onions Catering
John Valente - Marigolds and Onions

"I can't say enough about the support that we have had at Blue Link. Some people might know Darren as the resident genius; he is a genius. He, along with Monique, but he especially, has been able to look at some very specific things with us and he's been able to come up with some amazing solutions."
- John Valente, Co-Owner

Solving Problems Quickly & Easily
- Japan Auto Parts

Blue Link client - Middle Atlantic testimonial video www.japanautoparts.com

"I had a problem with the software I was using [in the past] so I contacted the provider and they really gave me the run-around. Then I got referred to Mark Canes of Blue Link. When I have had a problem all it took is a single phone call to talk to Mark, Mike or Darren and our problems have been solved one way or another."
- Bruce Wulfsohn, President

Great Consultants & Easy Reporting
- Wiseworth Industries

Blue Link client - Middle Atlantic testimonial video www.wiseworth.com

"The thing I like most [about Blue Link] are the reporting functions and the ability to get information at my fingertips. What we've seen with the service component is amazing. We used to spend 3 days a month getting our statements out. Now it does it automatically."
- Stan Thompson, President

Hosted Software (Cloud) Implementation
- Kidcentral

Blue Link client - Middle Atlantic testimonial video
Kidcentral website

"The implementation as far as SaaS goes was simply hook up to the server. There was no issue at all. It was easy as that. It is comforting to know that our servers are being looked after elsewhere."
- Boris Zilberberg, CFO

Support in Times of Crisis
- Continental Cosmetics

Blue Link client - Continental Cosmetics testimonial video www.continentalcosmetics.com/

"2 years ago, we had a major issue where our computer server went down and we were unable to get most of those files back. Blue Link allowed us to host our information and our system on their server in their office. For 2 months we had constant support from the Blue Link team to ensure that we could continue to run our business"
- Jake Vella, General Manager

Better Than the Big Guys
- Middle Atlantic

Blue Link client - Middle Atlantic testimonial video www.middleatlantic.com

" I was looking at some of the large companies out there and I felt really lost. While they had nice features I did not see them growing with us. Then I came across Blue Link. I was quite happy to see it was a small company; they seemed to be more 1-on-1 with our requests. I liked the design, it seemed to be more open and I could access the data in behind more easily than other products out there"
- Arthur Hill, Operations Manager

Easy to Use & Intuitive
- A-1 Cash and Carry

Blue Link client - A1 Bags testimonial video www.a-1bags.com

"The system is great for our customers; they have new invoices now that are easy to read. It has made things easier for everyone in the back too - now they know what is going on. Changes are easy to make and can be made quickly. Everyone likes it"
- Anisa Parvaiz, A-1 Bags


Wolfmark Promotional Apparel

"This is basically the 4th implementation we have done and it's definitely been the smoothest of the four. It has had the best transition, the most complete data and it's the first time we've been able to get our history with manual input. I was able to break away and go golfing the week of go-live!" - Boyd Sterling, Owner

"With the number of systems we have gone through, this has been absolutely from start to finish the most complete one. I've opened up systems and was a little concerned it wasn't doing the basic things. Blue Link not only does the basic things, it seems to allow and anticipate things in the future that can be done or changed. With 6 inventory systems I've been through, Blue Link is the most comfortable" - Paul Marinin, Purchasing Manager

Tex Star Bearings

"After much research to find the right ERP system for our industrial products company we decided to switch to Blue Link Elite. One of the founders, Mark Canes was instrumental in our decision process. He did several demos to ensure that the software would meet all of our needs and also added some custom features so the system would fit our business model. The technical team led by Darren Myher helped ensure a seamless transition from QuickBooks to Blue Link and while we had some small issues along the way (which is to be expected for such an undertaking) the team was always available for questions. I would highly recommend this software. We are using the hosted version and have not had any issues with connection or down time. And not having to host the server in house has enabled us to focus on growing our business instead of dealing with IT issues." - Tahseen Bock, Managing Director

Monarch Siding

"Liana and I are of course getting excited about retiring. Our last day will be September 26 so the finish line is within sight now. We would like to think we have left the company in good shape and in a large part that has been because of our decision to use Blue Link as our accounting package. We almost feel that you are part of the company because of the close working relationship we have. Thanks once again for marketing a great product and supporting it with a devoted staff." - Wayne Delroy, IT Dept.

Classic Custom Products

"[Blue Link] is the best thing that has ever happened to CCP thanks so much!! We love Blue Link!" - Marybeth, Controller

Wiseworth Canada Industries

"We were just thinking about what it was like with our old system compared to Blue Link. UUUUGGGHHHHHH-shudder at the thought. Hammer and Chisel are gone! You guys have made our lives so much better! All of the little tweaks that are left are so inconsequential it is funny (needed, but minor issues)! Thank you for helping me/us look forward to work!" - Marcel Potter, CSR/Purchaser


"Blue Link Elite has provided us with easy access to important business data via an extremely user-friendly interface. This has allowed us to make informed business decisions and has helped us manage our business effectively." - Ray Martin, President.

Nella Cutlery

"We are very impressed with the efficiencies that Blue Link Elite has provided, and the seamless way in which it has been integrated with our other software. I am sure that you will be very successful in providing this solution to other companies in our industry (foodservice distribution) and we look forward to a long and valuable relationship with Blue Link." - Wendy Kippen, Accountant & Office Manager

Bermuda Import and Export

"After the first week, everyone was really pleased with the new system. Getting Blue Link Elite was the best decision I've made, and that Bermuda Import & Export has made, as it really has helped us out." - David Potts, Financial Controller

Southern Implants

"The Blue Link system saves time, money, and is accurate.  It used to be that I had to stop what I was doing just to do some basic reports. My boss would call me up and ask me for something, and it would take a long time - now, it's all automated, it's wonderful.  With the Blue Link Elite system in place, business intelligence can be gathered, consolidated and used efficiently across the entire company – no matter how far expansion plans takes it.  Everyone now has the information they need to do their job." - Michael Nealon, CFO

WSP Marketing

"Blue Link has made an effort to understand the complexity of our business and has made a valuable contribution towards designing practical business solutions." - Eric Schneider, CFO

Wood & Associates Direct Marketing Services Ltd

"Blue Link's Solutions Accounting has allowed us to create an on-line project docket. From quotation through to invoicing everyone in the organization can view where a project is at any time." - Ralph Bain, President

True North Nutrition

"You have enabled us to mould this system to cater completely to our needs." - Rob De Simone, President

Muti and Co. Ltd.

"We would not have been able to achieve such rapid progress without the structure provided by the Blue Link system....MUTI & Co is tremendously pleased with the Blue Link Solutions system and the support..." - Tiziano Pietrobon

Japan Auto Parts

"In order to meet the increased revenue we have experienced since implementing Solutions... we would have needed to add an additional 3 to 5 sales people at an annual cost between $90,000.00 and $150,000.00...We are delighted with the service and support we receive from Blue Link Solutions!" - Bruce Wulfsohn, President

Retail Ready Foods Inc.

"Blue Link is very client-focused, and has always been concerned about our unique needs. Blue Link will seek out viable solutions for any ERP issue or need that arises - and provides timely and effective support by people who know the system inside out." - Marc Jones, IT Manager

L & S Security Hardware

"Blue Link Elite enables the business to work smoothly, and to be able to expand over the next few years, without having to consider any other packages." ..."the webinars provided by Blue Link are extremely useful, and can be viewed many times at different non-stress times. Employees really appreciate that they can watch the webinars anytime they want to - and can get answers to questions as they need them - and can go back and check again if the answer wasn't clear the first time." - Robert Kranjec, President

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