Extensive Data Migration Services

Blue Link provides extensive data migration services in order to bring over historical data from old systems and other file types during the software implementation process. These services are performed by our knowledgeable team of consultants and does not require the customer to manually key any information into the system itself or other spreadsheets for importation.
Extensive Data Migration

Blue Link has migrated data from hundreds of different pieces of software and across multiple operating systems. No matter the existing software, Blue Link consultants can work with you and your current systems to extract the data.

In addition, Blue Link’s data migration process is repeatable so that customers receive the most up-to-date data while reducing down time and set up.

Blue Link’s Data Migration Process Includes the Following Steps:

  1. Initial data analysis and discussion to jointly assess the best approach for migration
  2. Accessing the raw data to begin the migration process
  3. Completing and running the actual data migration process
  4. Data validation process, which includes checking that totals match for all subledgers, and spot checking that indiviudal customers, vendors etc. have the right balance

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