The Blue Link Management Team

Strong organizational leadership keeps Blue Link ahead of the curve.

Mark Canes, President and CEO, Blue Link

Mark Canes

President and CEO

A Chartered Accountant and CA-IT, Mark was a partner in a public accounting firm many years ago. During his time in public accounting, Mark honed his wholesale/distribution industry skills by specializing in owner-managed product-driven businesses. From there it was a logical progression to become the architect of a wholesale distribution software solution.

There are few things that Mark enjoys more than helping business owners reap the benefits of improved business processes, but when not running Blue Link, you can find Mark cheering on his favorite soccer team Everton or out on the field himself.

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Darren Myher, VP Operations and CTO, Blue Link

Darren Myher

V.P. Operations and CTO

Darren holds an Honours Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Wilfrid Laurier University, is an entrepreneur in his own right, and holds a number of Microsoft Certifications. At Blue Link, Darren works directly with customers on architecting software solutions that support their business operations. Darren is a customer-focused individual with a talent for quickly understanding how businesses work, identifying competitive advantages, and translating that understanding into software designs that support those advantages. In his spare time Darren pursues his passion for photography through his own photography business.

Samantha Hornby, Marketing and Sales Manager, Blue Link

Samantha Hornby

Marketing and Sales Manager

A fellow WLU alumni, Samantha Hornby received her Honors Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Wilfrid Laurier University with a focus on Marketing. Samantha’s ability to manage multiple projects at once and her dedication to making customers happy has allowed her to successfully wear many hats while working in marketing and sales at Blue Link.  With a focus on inbound marketing strategies and SEO, Samantha has managed and completed many projects using her creative skills around website design, tradeshows, content creation and more.  Outside of work Samantha enjoys travelling, outdoor activities, playing soccer and doing yoga.

Paulo Cera, Developer Manager, Blue Link

Paulo Cera

Development Manager

Paulo has worked for 15 years as a software developer and programmer ever since graduating from Westervelt Colllege in London Ontario. While still in school, Paulo worked in several different warehouses and factories doing hands on work that is also performed by many of Blue Link’s customers.  This inside experience provides Paulo with a better understanding of how inventory moves, an asset when helping customers improve their processes.  Paulo is a family man with 2 young children and when not at work enjoys spending time with them building sand castles in the summer and snowmen in the winter.

Monique Taza, Quality Assurance Manager, Blue Link

Monique Taza

Quality Assurance Manager

Monique holds an Honours Bachelor degree in Computer Science with a double major in Mathematics from York University.  Since 1993, she has worked as developer, system and business analyst, implementation consultant and now quality assurance manager.  Monique is intuitive and logical and enjoys working in QA as it allows her to think outside the box – her motto at work is “everything has a solution”.  Outside of work, Monique is a mother of 3 girls and loves family life, especially baking cookies. She also enjoys nature drives with her husband and discovering new towns and cities in Canada.

Gonzalo Perez

Support Manager

Gonzalo Perez, Support Manager, Blue Link
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