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What is SUCCESS in the world of Wholesale Distribution?

The most meaningful way to measure success externally is through customer satisfaction. However, success should also be measured internally by evaluating how well you are managing your own business challenges, and ensuring that you are delivering efficiencies and cost effectiveness at the same time. If you are delivering external AND internal success, you are truly on the right track.

So, what are the key objectives you should strive for?

  • Win customer loyalty by serving your customers better - don't only look to deliver customer satisfaction, but try to deliver customer delight by beating their expectations of you. One way to do this is to improve customer responsiveness through better organization, capabilities and systems.
  • Reduce costs and maximize efficiencies so that you can offer competitive prices that lead to better profits.

Here are a few ways that you can accomplish the above objectives:

  • Combine functionality for distribution, financial management, supply chain management, customer relationship management, and e-business into a single integrated package that's easy for your staff to use.
  • Ensure that your software maintains the integrity of your company's information (see:
  • Work faster and more efficiently without focusing on the technology behind it. Information entered into the database in one application is always simultaneously available for use in other applications in real-time, so employees can optimize your business processes
  • Do more than just process orders - deliver unique customer value with on-time deliveries, easy transaction processing, and fast response times to customers' needs. And remember, inventory management is key (see
  • E-business is a way of gaining value from a fast paced and collaborative marketplace - one that offers great potential for growth. Ensure that you have functionality that enables you to provide customers with up-to-date order information and self-service functions via a customized Web portal, 24-hours a day, seven days a week (see

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The Buzzzz...

How reliable is your database?

A truly relational client/server database, such as Microsoft SQL-Server, is virtually incorruptible. In technical jargon, the database can be rolled back to a previous state, and provides multi-table commit/rollback capabilities.

What does this mean in English?

  1. Time travel. With SQL-Server, it is possible for example to decide on May 31 that you need to see what the state of your data was at a specific point of time in the past (hours, days, whatever), and to then actually set the data back to that date and time, as if nothing had been entered since that date and time.
  2. Pull the plug with impunity. Let's say you are posting a bunch of sales invoices. In most accounting or ERP software, that involves updating multiple (sometimes dozens) of separate data files or tables, one after the other - customer, open items, sales history, inventory, etc. Now what happens if there is a power failure, or someone accidentally pulls out your network cable, during the posting routine? With SQL-Server (and a properly written software program, the answer is….nothing. The whole posting routine is "rolled back" - the data is automatically reset to the point just before you started the posting routine. Once the power (or network connection) is restored, you simply redo the posting routine. Your data integrity is assured.

What about other "databases"?

  1. First thing to note is that many file storage systems call themselves "databases", and even use "SQL" in their name, but are not relational client/server databases.
  2. Many of these are "flat file" systems, offering none of the robustness and reliability discussed above.
  3. A quick way to test for this is to start a process that updates multiple sources of data, like the posting routine mentioned above, and literally pull the plug before it finishes. Then examine the data and see if (a) the data is corrupt, if not then (b) is everything still in balance?

How can they call it "SQL" if it's not a relational, client/server database?

SQL is an acronym for "Structured Query Language", a widely adopted standard language for creating, deleting, updating and retrieving data from databases. Many vendors whose data file storage systems facilitate some degree of SQL, such as the ability to query data form their system using SQL statements, use the acronym - most likely to create the impression that they are like Microsoft SQL-Server and other relational databases. But SQL in and of itself is just a language, not a database standard. For example, you can actually extract information from an Excel spreadsheet using SQL statements. But that does not make Excel a suitable "database" for your mission-critical, multi-user data.

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What is SUCCESS in the world of Wholesale Distribution?
The Buzzz .... How reliable is your database?
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