On-Premises (In-House) ERP Solution

How it Works

Blue Link’s inventory management and accounting software will be installed by our professional implementation team on your in-house servers. Installation, data migration and employee training services are provided during the installation.

Our On-Premises solution involves the purchase of one-time paid licenses – you own the software. Additional hardware purchases may be required for the system.

Compare with Hosted

Is On-Premises Right for You?

Advantages Disadvantages
  • Data is stored inside the organization
  • Increased customization and control of systems
  • No monthly subscription fees
  • No internet connection required (required for remote access)
  • Hardware can be shared between other internal systems
  • Potentially easier to integrate with 3rd party applications
  • Client owns the software
  • Larger initial investment
  • Hardware upgrades and maintenance required
  • In-house IT management required
  • Physical space required
  • Software upgrades must be handled on the client end
  • Less secure than most data centres

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