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Cloud-Based Software
Blue Link's Hosted ERP Solution

hosted cloud erp solution

How it works

Blue Link's hosted offering allows clients to access the full Blue Link Elite software package remotely via the internet. It does not require a client to set up their own servers and eliminates the need to purchase additional hardware.

Our hosted solution is a subscription-based service with payments occurring monthly and no up-front licensing fees. This greatly reduces the upfront costs of implementing a new software solution.

Hosted/Cloud Implementation Video

Is Hosted/Cloud right for you?


   Advantages    Disadvantages
  • No large upfront cash outlay
  • Infrastructure costs pushed to provider
  • No more worrying about backups
  • Painless upgrades
  • Increases access to expert support (in lieu of an IT department)
  • Remotely accessible
  • Improved security and reliability
  • Possibly increased uptime
  • Immediate or quick access to a broad range of applications
  • Reduced control of systems
  • Data stored outside the organization
  • Internet connection required
  • Client does not own the software – leasing

Customers on our hosted solution are also automatically
a part of our Maintenance Program.

Our Secure Data Centre

Our secure data centre is located in Vaughan, Ontario is provides the latest in data centre security and technologies. The data centre features redundant internet connections, redundant data storage, climate control, biometric security, fire prevention and provides 99.9% up-time to set your mind at ease.

For more information visit our Data Centre Page.

SaaS vs. On-Premises Whitepaper

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For more information about Blue Link Elite and our hosting options please contact us.

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