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Inventory & Accounting Software for a Variety of Industries

Blue Link Provides Integrated Inventory & Accounting Software Capable Across Industries

Blue Link software offers unique benefits across a variety of industries including Wholesale, Distribution, Light Manufacturing, Service, Importing/Exporting, and eCommerce. Blue Link understands the differences between businesses and offers industry-specific and client-specific software solutions.

Blue Link brings significant wholesale implementation experience to the table. Our software has been specially built for a variety of wholesalers including durable and non-durable goods.
software for the wholesale industry
Details: Wholesale Software

As with wholesale, many Blue Link customers are distributors across various industries. Our order processing, accounting and inventory management is designed with distributors in mind.
distribution industry software
Details: Distribution Software

Blue Link offers several eCommerce solutions including B2C and B2B platforms. Combined with our powerful back-end system, these online solutions allow for significant business growth.
webstore ecommerce software integrated erp
Details: eCommerce Software

Service & Repair
Blue Link software allows for the automation of service & repair businesses through our scheduler, service management and automated reporting enabling you to always stay on top of servicing and repairs.
software for service and repair business
Details: Service & Repair Software

Import & Export
Advanced landed cost tracking, multi-currency support, and warehouse shipping components are just a few examples of the functionality designed to enable importers and exporters.
Software for Importers and Exporters
Details: Import & Export Software

Light Manufacturing
Blue Link offers specialized modules for light manufacturing & assembly such as production control/BOM, product configuration and kitting to complement our core accounting and inventory software.
light manufacturing assembly software
Details: Manufacturing Software

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