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Blue Link ERP Software Tours | Videos

Blue Link ERP Software Tours

Product tours of Blue Link ERP are an excellent way to get a sense of the benefits offered by our software system. View screenshots and software tour videos of the following modules and components to see how they work, and how they can help your business.

Video Description
Overview A high-level overview of the functionality available in Blue Link ERP. A great place to get started.
Executive Summary Explore the Executive Summary Screen that provides you with a snapshot of the health of your business operations.
Easy Navigation Experience Blue Link's user-friendly interface with a familiar Microsoft feel as well as quick find tools that makes searching for information painless.
Contact Management
Manage prospects, customers and vendors with easy to access information for sales reps as well as communication tracking throughout the system. Learn more
Accounting Data Integrity Blue Link includes a number of features to ensure the integrity of your accounting data make it easier to identify and audit any abnormal entries.
Review Screens Whether it's sales orders, quotes, purchase orders or production lots, Blue Link's review screens makes it easy to find the information you are looking for.
A/R & Cash Flow The A/R collections screen in Blue Link helps you improve your cash flow by making it easy to stay on top of your outstanding receivables.
User Permissions Learn about Blue Link's built-in security and user-permission features. Blue Link allows you to segment users by individual or by groups (such as "Sales").
Alternate Vendor Payment Blue Link's alternate vendor payment feature allows you to enter a transaction under vendor, but pay another.

Sales Orders Overview

Learn about a variety of Sales Order related features including entering orders, specifying ship-to addresses and more.
Finding Product Availability Easily identify the availability of products in Blue Link via the sales order or "inventory lookup" screen with real time information.
Landed Cost Tracking Blue Link offers sophisticated landed cost tracking to help you find the true cost of your products.
Lot Tracking (Traceability) Easily allocate and track internal and external lot numbers. Very useful for food, pharmaceutical, medical businesses.
Apparel (Colour/Size) Matrix Blue Link's Apparel Matrix software for dealing with many variations of colour/size, primarily useful for apparel products. Learn more

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