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Blue Link ERP, accounting and inventory management software

Inventory & Accounting Software Whitepapers
and Downloadable Content

  1. Software Buying Guide: Transitioning from Introductory Software
  2. How Much Does Inventory & Accounting ERP Software Cost?
  3. ERP Implementation Guide
  4. eCommerce ERP Integration Guide
  5. Common ERP Software Misconceptions
  6. 6 Factors for Evaluating ERP Vendors — Vendor Evaluation Guide
  7. 11 Reasons You Need New ERP Software
  8. Inventory Management Techniques eBook
  9. SaaS (Cloud) vs. On-Premises Whitepaper
  10. Lot Tracking Whitepaper
  11. Business Intelligence for the SME
  12. Save Time and Money When Buying Software
  13. Reliable Accounting Software Whitepaper
  14. Landed Cost Tracking Whitepaper

Software Buying Guide: Transitioning from Introductory Software

This Software Buying Guide examines a number of important factors that must be taken into consideration when aiming to transform a business by replacing introductory software such as QuickBooks, Simply Accounting or out-of-date ERP systems. Using this buying guide, managers can make sound business decisions regarding the software that is vital to their business. The guide aims to help managers avoid the most common pitfalls in the software search.

Download your free "Software Buying Guide"

How Much Does Inventory & Accounting ERP Software Cost?

This ERP Software Pricing Guide outlines the cost of inventory and accounting software and examines the following:
  • Factors affecting cost
  • Factors included in cost
  • Different pricing tiers
  • Features/functionality that influence costs
  • Implementing ERP Software on a Budget

Download your free "ERP Pricing Guide"

ERP Implementation Guide

Discover what is involved with a typical ERP implementation and what contributes to the ultimate cost of the project. Typical implementations should include:
  • Installation
  • Configuration
  • Data Migration
  • Employee Training

Download your free "ERP Implementation Guide"

Getting Started with eCommerce Guide

This document acts as a Guide to Getting Started with eCommerce for both Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business companies looking to sell their products online.

  • The Steps to Getting Started with eCommerce
  • How to Tell if Your Business is Ready for eCommerce
  • Cost Considerations
  • A Comparison of Different eCommerce Platform Vendors
  • The Importance of eCommerce and ERP Integration

Download "Getting Started with eCommerce Guide"

Common ERP Software Misconceptions

This document of ERP Misconceptions will provide you with a list of common ERP myths and the truths behind them. Unfortunately many companies hear these types of statements and don’t bother to further investigate where they come from – always believing that their company is not suited for ERP software.

Download "Common ERP Software Misconceptions"

6 Factors for Evaluating ERP Vendors

This guide outlines 6 separate considerations over and above functionality for evaluating software vendors. This guide will help you ask the right questions to ensure a thorough vendor evaluation and be sure you are finding the right system for your business.

Download "6 Factors for Evaluating ERP Vendors"

11 Reasons You Need New ERP Software

These 11 reasons listed in the document will help your company assess whether your current software system is providing enough value for your business. The features listed in the document should be available in most ERP systems and will greatly reduce costs, eliminate data entry errors, save time and foster growth.

Download "Common ERP Software Misconceptions"

Inventory Management Techniques eBook

This eBook is a compilation of insightful Inventory Management blog posts and includes:

  • The Difference Between Inventory and Stomach
  • Inventory Management Saves Money
  • Excel for Inventory Management?
  • Inventory Replenishment - 3 Common Mistakes
  • Lot Tracking: Top 3 Excuses
  • Inventory Management or Warehouse Management?
  • Inventory Software - No Salespeople Please
  • So, Do You Need Inventory Management Software?

Download "Inventory Management Techniques eBook"

SaaS (Cloud) vs. On-Premises

This whitepaper stands to examine SaaS as a viable alternative to on-premises deployment methods and provide managers with a summary of each method in order to serve as a starting point for making decisions. In this whitepaper the SaaS model will be compared and contrasted with the on-premises method of deployment and typical pricing models explored.

Download "SaaS (Cloud) vs. On-Premises Whitepaper"

Lot Tracking Whitepaper

Why the laws and regulations surrounding consumer protection and health issues necessitate ever speedier, precise and efficient item tracking.

Learn why:

  • Compliance with global and trade regulations, consumer protection legislation and agricultural bioterrorism laws make it imperative for distributors to have complete, accurate inventory tracking
  • Efficient and timely tracing of an item's origins and buyers during a product recall can make or break a company

Download "Lot Tracking Whitepaper"

Business Intelligence for the SME

If you were a general in the military, would you go into battle without gathering and evaluating the intelligence your spies and technology can provide

This is a white paper explaining why Business Intelligence is becoming important to small and mid-size businesses in order to enhance fast and effective decision making

Download "Business Intelligence for the SME"

Save Time and Money When Searching for Software

This white paper outlines a 10-step process covering the entire cycle:

  1. Finding out if you need to buy now or can wait a few months
  2. Establishing the Team
  3. Extrapolating and understanding departmental requirements
  4. Getting the right fit through analysis and research

This white paper provides comprehensive background information; suggests a 10-point process to help you make an informed decision; and lists resources for additional information

Download "10 Step Process to Help You Save Time Searching for Software"

Reliable Accounting Software Whitepaper

This white paper highlights the need to recognize problematic software accounting methods; minimizing  errors  in  account  balance  integrity,  ledgers  and  sub  ledgers;  and  reducing  the need for expensive rectification, thus avoiding serious legal ramifications

Download "Reliable Accounting Software Whitepaper"

Landed Costs Tracking Whitepaper

Landed costs are those sometimes hidden costs that are involved in making goods available for sale. Typical landed costs might include freight, duties, handling fees, and other charges that, if ignored, would distort the cost of the product being sold. While many software systems include basic landed cost tracking, a new breed of software systems is evolving to provide business owners with greater control over how landed costs are applied...

Download "Landed Cost Tracking Whitepaper"