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New Employee Orientation

new employee orientation and training So you’ve hired new employees and they’re using Blue Link:

  • Do they have a full working knowledge of the software?
  • Could they be nervous about messing up your data? (Are you concerned about this?)
  • Is there a danger that they could try to “reinvent the wheel?”
  • Will they be less productive as they ramp up their learning over time?

These are some of the real concerns facing a business when hiring new employees. With the Blue Link New Employee Orientation Package you don’t have to worry anymore.

What does the New Employee Orientation Package include?

  • A 3 hour orientation / training session with a Blue Link consultant, via phone and the Internet
  • Unlimited email Q&A with that consultant for the following week (focused exclusively on learning for the new employee – support issues will be re-routed to support)
  • A one hour phone and Internet follow up session with the same consultant to be conducted within one calendar month of the original session.
  • Report drafted by the consultant, reviewed by Blue Link management, and sent to the customer’s management / new employee’s supervisor – summarizing the skills transferred and highlighting any concerns or areas for potential improvement.

What are the benefits of the package?

  • ensure that new users at Blue Link customer sites receive some orientation and basic training on Blue Link Elite
  • identify any additional training or assistance that would be cost-beneficial to the customer
  • provide a level of comfort for the employer that the new employee will become productive much quicker and reduces the risk
  • provide the employees with a quick start in understanding how best to use one of their key business tools
  • enable the new employee to “shine” quickly, and remove the fear factor
  • Definition of a New Employee: Any newly or recently hired employee who has any direct involvement with the Blue Link Elite software

How much does the New Employee Orientation Package Cost?

A fixed fee of $495 (plus taxes) per employee

Why should I sign-up?

  • Make your new users productive right away
  • Protect the integrity of your business data
  • Show your new employees that you care about them

Sign up for the Blue Link New Employee Orientation Package by completing the form below:

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