PerfectFit Software Customization

If your business has unique or unusual requirements, you’ve always had to compromise: either change your business processes to fit the constraints imposed by your packaged software, or use custom-developed software which is costly and (most importantly) cannot be upgraded.
Perfectfit Software Customization

With Blue Link’s PerfectFit methodology, your specific needs can be addressed on an affordable, upgradeable basis.

We start with the core Blue Link Elite product – very flexible and configurable. We then add the appropriate optional components – the ones that fit your needs – which again provide the flexibility in setup that you need to automate your processes.

But what if you have requirements that not even the most flexible and configurable software can handle seamlessly? If appropriate, we’ll provide you with a fixed price quote to tailor the software to these specific requirements. Even better, we’ll give you a guaranteed upgrade path, and the price cost is set at a small percentage of the original fee.

Blue Link has several hundred successful PerfectFit projects under the belt. For some examples, see our case studies page.

Additional references are available upon request.

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