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Apparel Matrix Software for Wholesale and Distribution

Apparel Inventory Software for
Wholesale & Distribution

Apparel Inventory Matrix Software

Blue Link provides Apparel Inventory Software for apparel wholesale and distribution with integrated inventory and accounting ERP functionality. Look no further if you are looking for a specialized apparel software solution.

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Anyone who works with clothing, shoes, sporting goods and similar products knows the inherent complication of dealing with large numbers of products that are similar, yet need to be tracked separately.

One style, in 5 colours and 8 sizes, generates 40 discrete products for inventory tracking purposes. Managing this inventory effectively can guarantee the distributor time savings, cut costs and increase opportunities to generate revenue.

This unique, purpose-built apparel software matrix automates and streamlines the management of products and orders by providing purpose-built tools such as:

Product Generation Wizard / Order Entry Matrix / Purchasing Grid

Apparel Inventory Software | Apparel Matrix

Enter orders, and quotes, the way your customers give them to you, using the Matrix. You always have the option of switching back and forth between the Grid and traditional order entry modes.

These easy-to-use tools will simplify the creation of stock keeping units and provide the ultimate flexibility for entering orders and quotes, the way customers give them to you. You always have the option of switching back and forth between the matrix and traditional order entry modes if you require.

Case Study

Knit-Set Canada Ltd. Blue Link Elite was utilized to track the flow of inventory and its entire business process in a timely and accurate manner.

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