Is Cloud Based Wholesale ERP Software Right for Your Business?


Deciding to make the switch to a fully integrated ERP system as a wholesale distribution company – whether you’re transitioning from existing software or manual processes – requires a lot of time and resources.  It also involves making a choice between implementing a system on-premises or hosted through the cloud.  So which method is better … Read more

Using Cloud-Based ERP to Thrive During Uncertain Times

Remote Working

As the world continues to figure out how to settle into a “new normal” during the Covid-19 Pandemic, businesses around the world struggle to determine next steps for business operations. With any unprecedented business disruption, small businesses must have the right software in place to continue business activities with minimal interruption for the end consumer. … Read more

Web-Based vs. Cloud-Based ERP

Web-Based vs. Cloud-Based ERP

Many growing small to medium-sized businesses struggle to catch up when it comes to finding the right software that has all the functionality they need, plus additional tools to help the business continue to grow. If you’re moving from an introductory system such as QuickBooks, you may be a little confused when searching for the … Read more

Cloud-Based Software for Beginners

Cloud-Based Software

It seems like every day there is a new technological advancement that replaces some form of legacy software or hardware, and we must adapt to the new way of doing things. Constant updates, constant patches, and frequent hardware launches can leave you feeling uncertain and kind of lost. There’s a whole world of new technology … Read more

Using a VPN for Remote Access to Cloud-based Software

VPN for Remote Access

Cloud-based software (sometimes referred to as hosted or SaaS), is a software deployment method whereby users access the system through the internet. With cloud-based ERP, this means that the software lives on hardware and servers managed by the software vendor, and you, the customer, access the system using the internet (for example through an RDP … Read more

The Biggest Misconceptions About Cloud-Based ERP Software

Cloud ERP Software Blue Link

Guest Post by Lisa C. Dunn Cloud technology has certainly gained popularity over the last decade with more and more businesses moving away from traditional software models to the modern internet realm. However,  many myths and misperceptions continue to surround Cloud-Based ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. For many businesses, it seems daunting to hop on … Read more

RDP and Cloud-based Software

RDP and Cloud Software

What is RDP? RDP stands for “Remote Desktop Protocol” and it’s a Microsoft licensed technology that essentially allows you to connect from your device to another computer over the internet. The technology is available for a large range of computers, tablets and other devices, including most Windows and Mac computers, iPads and iPhones, Android devices, … Read more

Software Deployment – On-Premises and Cloud

Software Deployment Options

There are several different software deployment options when implementing ERP software. About a decade ago, on-premises was the only option, but nowadays, cloud software is the more popular choice – especially for SMBs. But what about the difference between single-tenant and multi-tenant architecture? What about SaaS and hosted software? Unfortunately, since many software vendors tend … Read more