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How to Manage B2B Webstore Shipping with eCommerce ERP Integration

If you can’t ship and deliver products to your customers in a timely fashion, you’re out of the competition…especially in the fast-paced world of eCommerce. Thanks to eCommerce giants like Amazon, customers expect better services and f[...]
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How the Right Software Tools Can Make or Break Your Black Friday Success

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, retailers are starting to gear up for the impending influx of instore and online shoppers. Preparation for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is well underway as businesses look to beat the competition[...]
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Couldn’t attend Dx3 2018? We’ve Got You Covered [Recap & Video]

Thousands of tech and digital marketing aficionados flocked to the Metro Toronto Convention Center over the past couple days (March 7-8) for this year’s buzzed-about Dx3 Conference. For those of you who are unfamiliar, the two day expo is Canada[...]
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Missed Dx3 Canada 2017? Here’s a Recap

2 days, 50 speakers, 5 interactive labs, 100 exhibitors and thousands of attendees-  Dx3 was yet again a mecca for the best and the brightest in the Canadian digital space.  Attendees and exhibitors gathered downtown Toronto to learn from industry exper[...]
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Dx3 Canada Invites You To Speak With Leading eCommerce Innovators

For many (if not all) businesses today, the opportunities created by advancements in the digital and tech world are ever growing and ever changing. There are endless possibilities to increase revenues and cut costs with new technologies and the ability to[...]
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Understanding the eCommerce ERP Integration Data Flow

As we’ve discussed before, to be successful as an eCommerce company you need to invest in the proper tools for both front-end and back-end management. Many businesses entering the eCommerce space often overlook the need for back-end systems to fulfill, [...]
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Your eCommerce is selling, but can you deliver?

The following is a summary of the presentation made by Darren Myher, VP Operations and Development at Blue Link ERP, during this year’s Dx3 show.  A complete recording can be found via the link at the bottom of this post. ERP is an acronym for [...]
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Dx3 Canada – Your One Stop Shop for All Things Digital

Dx3 is Canada’s leading technology, digital marketing and retail tradeshow event, dedicated to helping Canadian businesses get digital and remain current on Canada’s cutting edge technology sector.  Already in its 5th year, the two day event held in [...]
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4 Benefits of ERP and eCommerce Integration for Start-Ups and SMBs

Shipping errors? Poor inventory management? Multiple disparate systems? Data entry errors? If any of the above issues sound familiar, you’re not alone.  These are some of the challenges faced by many start-up and small-mid size eCommerce businesses who[...]
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Front-end Appearance and Back-end eCommerce Integration Define the Online Shopping Experience

In recent years, the ever-growing popularity of eCommerce has continued to soar. As a result, both emerging businesses and older enterprises (that have traditionally stayed away from online sales channels) are finding themselves exploring this new avenu[...]
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