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What is EDI?

In its simplest form, EDI or ““Electronic Data Interchange” is used to exchange documents between trading partners.  However, as we have previously discussed, EDI is a bit more complicated than that. EDI represents a set of standards, outlining for[...]
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Part 2 of 2: What You “Need-to-Know” about Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Last week, we wrote about the basics of EDI, and the advantages it can provide your company. As promised, we’re back for Part 2 with an overview of the opportunities EDI can provide, as well as some advice from Robin Smith of Virtual Logistics about pic[...]
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Part 1 of 2: What You Need-to-Know about Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

You may have heard the term “Electronic Data Interchange” (or “EDI”) being used around your office, warehouse, distribution facility, or even among your suppliers and competitors. But what does it mean exactly? EDI represents a set of standards, o[...]
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