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Why Now is the Right Time to Implement Food Distribution Software

Implementing a food distribution software system into a business is no easy task. It requires coordination across multiple levels of an organization in order to arrive at a decision that works for everyone. With such a high level of synchronization needed[...]
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When is it Time to Implement Lot Traceability Software in Your Food Distribution Business?

All food distributors are required to have processes which include lot traceability, as a result of both government regulation and manufacturer and retailer demands.  Both the US and Canadian governments have requirements that apply to all levels of the [...]
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Which food distribution software do you need?

Over the years we have had discussions with many companies in the food wholesale and distribution industry who were looking for software suitable for their business.  Most of these companies were looking for capabilities which are commonplace in many fo[...]
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Food Distribution Software: What to Look For

This post outlines specific functionality that one should reasonably expect from Food Distribution Software. The food distribution industry is very unique in a number of different ways. With numerous standards and regulations set by governing bodie[...]
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Product Recalls and the Need for Pharmaceutical Distribution Software

As you can imagine, the pharmaceutical industry is characterized by many regulations and an abundance of meticulous standards that must be met by suppliers and distributors. As an increasing number of products enter the marketplace, the need for tight con[...]
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4 Popular Features to Look for in Wholesale Inventory Software

When your business decides to take the crucial step to invest in wholesale inventory software, it is imperative that you make a thoughtful and well-informed decision that satisfies your business’s specific needs. With an abundance of features and custo[...]

Sometimes Accounting Inventory Software Bells and Whistles Can Wait

As with any large corporate investment, implementing new accounting and inventory ERP software is a time and resource consuming process.  Although this can be daunting when first starting the search process, the benefits gained from properly implementing[...]
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Lot Traceability in the Apparel and Textile Industry

When people hear the term “lot traceability software”, most immediately think of it in terms of the food and pharmaceutical industries – and for good reason.  Take any bottle of ketchup or package of pills and you will find a lot number [...]
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Better Inventory Management

Business owners are constantly striving to improve inventory management in their warehouses – but how can they do this? The answer is of course dependent on the company as well as specific problems, but in general, businesses trying to solve inventor[...]

Food Bank Software — What to Look For

This post outlines functionality one should expect from Food Bank Software. Medium and Large Food Banks operate in a similar manner to any other distribution business, and therefore their software requirements may be similar. As a result, many foo[...]
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Lot Tracking Defined: Understanding Common ERP Jargon

This post is number two in a series of posts discussing commonly misunderstood ERP software terms.  Lot tracking can be an important concept to understand, and for some businesses, it’s an integral component of distribution inventory softwa[...]

Blue Link Makes the Top 100 Software for Food Logistics

Food Logistics magazine recently published their annual list of the top 100 software and technology providers that help food and beverage manufacturers, food service distributors, and grocery retailers achieve their business goals. These goals include end[...]
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Product Recalls and Traceability in North America

Contaminated foods costs the US economy nearly $7 billion each year.  But what does this have to do with product traceability? Traceability refers to the capability for tracking goods along the distribution chain on a batch/lot number or series number ba[...]
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Getting Serious About Food Traceability

As mentioned in a previous blog post, governments and regulatory bodies are putting more and more pressure on individual companies to take proactive measures surrounding food traceability to help manage product recalls.  Unfortunately though, it seems th[...]
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Lot Tracking, Traceability & Product Recall Webinar

Blue Link has hosted a webinar on traceability through lot tracking for managing product recalls. The webinar took place on: Thursday, September 27, 2012 2:00-2:30PM Eastern View the Webinar Now! Things you will learn in the web[...]