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How Vendors Quote ERP Implementations

When your company decides to invest in an ERP software system, the term ‘implementation’ will undoubtedly be used on a frequent basis. If you are unfamiliar with ERP systems and are in the initial stages of your software search, you may be unaware [...]
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What is the difference between Contact Management and CRM?

In an age of short attention spans, busy schedules and smart phones, we continue to see the use of acronyms in simplifying industry terms, but this can sometimes lead to a poor understanding of the actual meaning and implications behind these phrases.  A[...]

Lot Tracking Defined: Understanding Common ERP Jargon

This post is number two in a series of posts discussing commonly misunderstood ERP software terms.  Lot tracking can be an important concept to understand, and for some businesses, it’s an integral component of distribution inventory softwa[...]

eCommerce Integration Defined: Understanding Common Software Jargon

This is the first in a series of posts that discuss commonly misunderstood ERP software jargon. Although some of these terms may vary by business, we will try our best to give as generic a definition as possible. Before defining eCommerce integrati[...]