Food Distribution Software: Not What You Think?

Mark Canes

What's in a name? Particularly when we use industry jargon, that question may be beyond Bill Shakespeare. (See the previous post on ERP and Accounting Software.)

Take the term "Food Distribution Software". At my company, the meaning is clear: business software targeted at food distributors. And until this morning I had never considered another meaning. Then an email from someone who found our web site in error opened my eyes to other possibilities. This person had been searching for something (not really sure what) and found our site by searching for "food distribution software". He (or she - not clear) completed our online form, supplying bogus email and identity information, and accused us of being misleading - because our software doesn't actually distribute food!

So to set the record straight, it's true - our accounting and inventory management software does not actually distribute food. We leave that to the people who work at food distribution companies. We simply provide business / accounting / ERP software to those companies (and others).

There are other search terms that may lead people to us, and to pre-empt future criticism, I'd like to assure you that our software does not distribute "wholesales", nor does it actually perform service and repair activities on equipment.

But it does brew a mean cup of coffee...