Good ERP Software Support

Mark Canes

You have just implemented a system that seems like a good fit for your business. It was a fairly cheap solution but seemed to check out just fine.

You are now experiencing some problems, and need software support. You’ve called in for assistance, and one of the following happened:

  • You were re-routed to a representative in another country
  • You waited on hold for a long time before speaking with someone
  • When you finally reached someone they spent a considerable amount of time looking up your account and orienting themselves around your business and problem

Does this sound familiar? It does not have to be this way. The good news is that good ERP software support does exist; you just have to look for it. When evaluating a software system, do not ignore tech support; it is just as important as other decision criteria.

Specialized software support may cost more, but having your questions and issues dealt with swiftly and resolved completely is of itself valuable to a degree that’s often underestimated – at least until you encounter your first serious problems. Sometimes smaller and more specialized software companies can provide a level of personalized support that just isn’t available from the so-called “brand names” of the ERP world. With off-the-shelf horizontal software vendors, you and your business are just numbers – numbers among many others.

Let’s take a moment to examine what good software support looks like:

  • You call in to one number to handle all problems
  • After selecting a single menu option, you are immediately connected with a support representative located in the company’s head office along with the rest of the team
  • This “support representative” is, in fact, one of the people that assisted you with your software implementation. They know your business inside and out and you will continue to deal with them for support requests going forward

They help you work out your issue on-the-spot without having to determine who you are and how your business operates

Believe it or not, some software solutions offer support in this way. If you are not getting this level of support, you should know that you should be – that there are options out there.