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Stop Printing Reports from your ERP Software

The history of ERP Software, and before that, accounting software, has leant heavily on reports. In earlier, batch-based systems, users would generate reams of pre-posting edit reports on impact printers every day. At month end, several more forests were [...]
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Inventory Accounting Software: It’s In The Way That You Use It

It’s an Eric Clapton song, from the movie The Color of Money. But it’s also true of the value that you’ll get from your Inventory Accounting Software. It’s in the way that you use it. Take the example of two companies in sim[...]
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Old dogs? New tricks? Make the most of your Inventory & Accounting Software

Learning a new business software system is daunting, even to those with lots of previous experience in ERP Software implementations. How much more so, then, for someone who has perhaps only ever used one system, possibly for a decade or more? That&#[...]

Do Your Homework Before You Start Looking for New ERP Software

It surprises me when someone contacts Blue Link looking for new software and they do not know what they really need out of the new system. Often, there is one specific problem that they want to solve and they have not really considered all the other opera[...]
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Top 5 Reasons to Replace QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a very popular introductory accounting system – and for good reason! The system is very simple to install, configure and get-going. It is also touted as a very simple system that is easy to learn, which is great for small businesses. Howev[...]
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Cheap Inventory & Accounting Software

Does cheap software exist? Absolutely! However, the term cheap has a negative connotation for good reason: it does not mean the same as good value. Instead, “cheap” defines the compromise on quality for reduced cost. In selecting inventory or accounti[...]
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Accounting Software Outlook for 2012

As we all know, the world will end in 2012. That means that this is your last chance to improve your accounting software – buy or upgrade now to avoid the apocalypse rush! I do have three somewhat serious predictions for 2012: The perc[...]
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3 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your Accounting Software

This question was posed to me a few weeks ago during a phone meeting: how do I know if I’ve outgrown my existing accounting software? (This person is currently using QuickBooks.) In just a few minutes we identified three very telling signs that poi[...]

e-commerce and ERP Software | chicken and egg

A few short years ago, very few owner-managed businesses were selling online (direct to consumer). That was for the likes of Amazon. Recently, there’s been an explosion of smaller entrepreneurial companies putting up e-commerce sites, and in some ca[...]
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Old Clothes and Accounting Software

You’ve probably had an item of clothing that seems to fit better, feel more comfortable and just “sits right” on you. Maybe it’s a sweater, a pair of jeans or a leather jacket. I’ll bet you wore it until it literally fell apart, and if it hasn[...]
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So You Think You Can Avoid Accounting Software?

Yes folks – it’s a new reality show. We’ll watch real people, running real businesses, dance nimbly around the subject of knowing their true profit and loss by using quality accounting software. First contestant is Joe. Joe is the [...]

Growth, Accounting Software and Fertilizer

So you want your business to grow faster? One of the following strategies will help – can you spot the right choice? Make more promises – even if you can’t keep them. Water your business regularly. Use steroids.[...]

8 signs that your Accounting Software sucks

For most small and medium sized wholesalers / distributors, the “accounting” part of accounting software is very much an afterthought. The owner-managed company typically focuses (quite rightly) on inventory management, order processing and purchasing[...]

Lot tracking software sucks!

In a previous post on lot tracking, we discussed the top 3 excuses for not implementing a proper lot tracking system. We now have a new contender for the list, and it’s a good one, tough to argue against. I heard this comment during a webinar on inv[...]
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ERP or Accounting Software – What’s the Difference?

Those of us in the software industry tend to use industry jargon so much that we sometimes forget that not everyone knows what we mean by terms such as “ERP Software”. This was brought home to me when an acquaintance asked my advice regarding[...]
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