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How to Replace QuickBooks

We’ve previously written about moving off of QuickBooks, and knowing when it’s time to make the transition from an introductory system to a fully integrated ERP solution. However, knowing when to make the move is quite different from knowing how to [...]

Corporate and Event Catering Software – What to Look For

This post outlines functionality one should expect from Event Catering Software. Many forms of catering software exist out in the marketplace. For the purpose of this post, we will focus on the functionality you should expect from a fully integrate[...]

What is ERP Software?

For those in the industry, the answer is obvious, but many software buyers are not familiar with industry jargon and the various classes of software available. So I thought I would take a moment to address the basics: what exactly is ERP software? E[...]
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So You Think You Can Avoid Accounting Software?

Yes folks – it’s a new reality show. We’ll watch real people, running real businesses, dance nimbly around the subject of knowing their true profit and loss by using quality accounting software. First contestant is Joe. Joe is the [...]