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Customizing Wholesale Distribution Software: What You Need to Know

When starting the search for new wholesale distribution ERP software, one consideration to make is if it’s better to develop a custom-based application or find something out-of-the-box. Although it might seem like having a system developed specifically [...]
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Distribution ERP Software – When to Customize, When to Configure?

From dress shirts to gifts, and even houses and cars…customized and personalized goods are certainly prevalent with customers who desire to have unique products.  Consumers can choose from a range of variable options- colors, text, sizes, material [...]
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The Dangers of Developing a Custom ERP System In-House

In theory, developing a custom ERP solution in-house to manage your wholesale and distribution business may sound like the perfect solution. However in practise it rarely is.  Even though the system would be designed with your specific business processe[...]
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Custom Software vs. Out-of-the-Box ERP Software

We wrote previously about the benefits of customization and the importance of finding a system that is a perfect fit for your business, but the question remains: which is better, custom software or out-of-the-box ERP software? There is rarely a stra[...]
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Customization: Finding the Right Software for YOU

Depending on your industry, it can either be very hard or very easy to find software that is a great fit for you. Some industries are better represented than others but even in well-represented industries there are many businesses with unique requirements[...]
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The Old Custom Accounting Software Dilemna

It seems that lately I’ve come across an unusual number of companies using very old, customized accounting and inventory management software – mostly dating back to before we started using the term “ERP Software”. These com[...]
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