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Online Ordering (eCommerce) for Distributors & Wholesalers

The benefits of an online ordering system or web store for distributors and wholesalers are significant, as Mike Schmidt of Industrial Distribution magazine outlines in his article Strictly for Sales. With eCommerce “you are open every minute of every d[...]
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2012 eCommerce Trends and Why You Should Care

If you regularly stop by this blog, you have probably noticed an increase in posts about eCommerce. This is of course not an accident but rather us demonstrating the increased importance and relevancy of eCommerce webstores for wholesalers and distributor[...]
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4 eCommerce Implications for Distributors

Previously, we wrote about some of the opportunities and concerns with eCommerce and inventory management. We are now beginning to see more and more information spring up on this topic and it is obvious that distribution for eCommerce has become extremely[...]
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e-commerce and Inventory Management

Following on from the discussion on e-commerce and ERP software not being islands, let’s consider a practical example that perplexes many business owners and software vendors alike. Many online webstores are part of a business that processes [...]
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e-commerce and ERP Software – not islands

In the chicken and egg post on this subject, we considered practical eCommerce questions like: How can we grow sales rapidly? How can we keep customers happy so they keep buying? How can we fulfill sales quickly and efficiently, allo[...]
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e-commerce and ERP Software | chicken and egg

A few short years ago, very few owner-managed businesses were selling online (direct to consumer). That was for the likes of Amazon. Recently, there’s been an explosion of smaller entrepreneurial companies putting up e-commerce sites, and in some ca[...]
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