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ERP Software is not a fire extinguisher

Many businesses start looking into new ERP Accounting Software in response to significant and immediate problems. For example, the existing entry-level system has reached its capacity, or a new line of business has caused an extra 10 hours of manual work [...]
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Customization: Finding the Right Software for YOU

Depending on your industry, it can either be very hard or very easy to find software that is a great fit for you. Some industries are better represented than others but even in well-represented industries there are many businesses with unique requirements[...]
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SaaS (Hosted) ERP: How Safe is Your Data?

The trend towards SaaS (software as a service) / Cloud Computing / hosted software continues, although in the ERP and Accounting software space, it’s an evolution rather than a revolution. In dealing with smaller owner-managed companies, I note that[...]
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