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The Logic behind ERP Software Implementation Timeframes

As a general rule, there are differences in software implementation time-frames, dependent on the tier or type of software being implemented. When it comes to inventory and accounting ERP software, Tier 1 or Introductory Systems (such as QuickBooks), usu[...]
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Stop Printing Reports from your ERP Software

The history of ERP Software, and before that, accounting software, has leant heavily on reports. In earlier, batch-based systems, users would generate reams of pre-posting edit reports on impact printers every day. At month end, several more forests were [...]
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ERP Software and QuickBooks Integration? Not so much…

A massive percentage of small businesses and startups use QuickBooks. It’s very clearly and most impressively virtually cornered the market on entry-level small businesses. And most QuickBooks users tend to love working with the software. So w[...]
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How to Replace QuickBooks

We’ve previously written about Getting Over QuickBooks, and knowing when it’s time to move from an introductory system to a fully integrated ERP system. Now let’s discuss how to replace QuickBooks once you’ve made the decision to do so. [...]

The North American Apparel Industry | Apparel Inventory Software

Guest blog post by Samantha Hornby. The following is a transcription of the above infographic discussing the North American apparel industry, statistics on apparel ecommerce and what apparel inventory software is all about. The global textiles[...]

ERP Data held hostage with Ransomeware? Call for backup!

At least two of our customers have been hit by ransomware in recent weeks. Briefly, this is malware that encrypts the data on your hard drive (or server hard drive), and you are then asked to pay a ransom to obtain the key to unencrypt your data. This art[...]

eCommerce Integration Defined: Understanding Common Software Jargon

This is the first in a series of posts that discuss commonly misunderstood ERP software jargon. Although some of these terms may vary by business, we will try our best to give as generic a definition as possible. Before defining eCommerce integrati[...]

When is the Best Time to Implement ERP Software?

In a previous blog post we asked:When is the Right Time to Buy ERP Software – a post highlighting some symptoms of an inventory and accounting system that no longer adds value to your business processes.  In response to the question, the right time[...]

6 Factors for Selecting a Small vs. Large Software Vendor

In the past we’ve examined what you should look for in good ERP software support, and discussed the wisdom of looking at other important aspects of vendor evaluation such as good ERP software consulting. Now we’re going to explore another [...]
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When is the right time to buy ERP Software?

With the New Year upon us, many companies will be reviewing their businesses to determine if anything needs to be changed in the coming year to improve the organization. Areas typically considered would include: Can we improve the company [...]

ERP software vs. lazy salespeople

Lazy salespeople should not exist – at least not in a business to business environment. It should not be possible to be a lazy B2B salesperson and remain employed. And yet….it happens all the time. How often do you get targeted by someon[...]
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Magento Integration with ERP Software

Guest blog: Ben Burmaster, owner of SnuggleBugz, speaks about Magento integration with ERP software. At the time we decided to go with Magento there were a lot of, I would say almost, bigger plays in the market than Magento. The unique thing about[...]

Our Sales Reps Receive “Accurate” Inventory Counts Every Morning

When I hear that a wholesale distribution company is providing accurate inventory counts to their Sales reps every morning, I have to wonder why they use the word “accurate”. The moment a product is shipped, received, or adjusted in any manner, the re[...]
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eCommerce and ERP Integration: Getting Started

Consumers have come to expect pricing and inventory information from retailers in real-time, so having a quality eCommerce website is increasingly important.  eCommerce provides a channel for customers to access information and purchase products 24/7, 36[...]
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Common ERP Misconceptions

Ever hear that ERP software is only suitable for Fortune 500 companies? Or that ERP software leads to layoffs within a company? How about that ERP implementations are time-consuming? We hear these and other common ERP misconceptions from time to tim[...]
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