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Do Your Homework Before You Start Looking for New ERP Software

It surprises me when someone contacts Blue Link looking for new software and they do not know what they really need out of the new system. Often, there is one specific problem that they want to solve and they have not really considered all the other opera[...]
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Top 5 Reasons to Replace QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a very popular introductory accounting system – and for good reason! The system is very simple to install, configure and get-going. As an introductory piece of software it is also easy to learn, which is great for small businesses. However[...]
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Online Ordering (eCommerce) for Distributors & Wholesalers

The benefits of an online ordering system or web store for distributors and wholesalers are significant, as Mike Schmidt of Industrial Distribution magazine outlines in his article Strictly for Sales. With eCommerce “you are open every minute of every d[...]
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Pricing Software for Distributors

A recent article in Industrial Distribution Magazine, Stuck in the Middle, outlines the importance of pricing for distributors. The article specifically addresses the need to manage your margins to ensure maximum profitability – for which the appropriat[...]
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Eliminate Errors: Wholesale Distribution Software Success Story

Too many people try to apply simplistic solutions to complex problems – like politicians at election time. However, sometimes a simple solution actually works out well. A great example of this was a wholesaler that was experiencing a very hig[...]
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Warehouse Management Software (WMS) vs. ERP Software

I spend a considerable portion of my day chatting with business managers from various walks of life, who run many types of businesses. One thing that I have learned from experience is that different people use business and software terminology differently[...]

Lot Tracking – who decides which lot to pick?

Pharmaceutical, medical and food distributors, amongst others, need to implement proper lot tracking in order to be able to deal with regulatory issues, such as product recalls. For many, that’s the main driver behind implementing a lot tracking s[...]
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When Should You Replace Your ERP Software?

How Old is Too Old? According to research performed by the Aberdeen Group, an ERP system reaches its maximum usefulness after approximately 7 years. At this point, the system is being well utilized and begins to show significant returns on investmen[...]
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ERP Software salespeople – here’s the deal

I’ve always thought that selecting an ERP Software system was quite a serious and important task. Given that the entire business fundamentally depends on the ERP system, you’d probably not want to make this decision lightly. It’s not the[...]
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What Distributors Want Out of Their ERP Software

Each industry has specific requirements that sets it apart and, of course, distribution is no exception. Neil Gillespie and Allen Ray recently wrote about “What Distributors Want” in a recent issue of Industrial Supply, where they gathered data from [...]
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