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Are You Asking the Right Questions to Ensure a Successful ERP Software Implementation?

One of the key factors separating a successful ERP software implementation from an unsuccessful one is the level of information exchanged between vendor and prospect prior to the implementation.  As a company, you want to ensure that you’re fully engag[...]
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Old dogs? New tricks? Make the most of your Inventory & Accounting Software

Learning a new business software system is daunting, even to those with lots of previous experience in ERP Software implementations. How much more so, then, for someone who has perhaps only ever used one system, possibly for a decade or more? That&#[...]

Who’s Responsible for Successful ERP Software Implementations? Customer or Vendor?

In the past, we’ve seen statistics that show up to 75% of all ERP Implementations are considered a failure (in terms of meeting objectives, on time, and within budget)1. This contradicts my personal experience here at Blue Link, where most of our implem[...]
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ERP Software salespeople – here’s the deal

I’ve always thought that selecting an ERP Software system was quite a serious and important task. Given that the entire business fundamentally depends on the ERP system, you’d probably not want to make this decision lightly. It’s not the[...]
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The Importance of Phase 2 ERP Software Implementation

It goes without saying but I’m saying it anyway: ERP software implementations are far more involved than installing software like QuickBooks or consumer software like Microsoft Office.  You would be amazed at how many business owners believe it realist[...]
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The hidden ERP Software problem

Up next in the series on problems with ERP software: the problem that you don’t know about. I’ve read various studies that suggest the average company uses between 40% and 60% of the relevant functionality of their ERP software – [...]
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ERP Software Consulting – It’s not just about the software

Perhaps you’re thinking of putting in a new ERP system or have already done so. Regardless, you should also be taking a very close look at your business processes. Making a change to your business software can be a big step in increasing efficiency [...]
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Implementing ERP Software on a Budget

Sticker shock is common when searching out an ERP system. If you are preparing to move off of an introductory system like QuickBooks to a proper ERP system you must be prepared to make a significant investment in your business. The good news is there are [...]
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Top 5 ERP Software Implementation Mistakes

1. Rushing the Process ERP software is a major investment in one’s business success. It deserves as much care and attention as any other critical business process. You may spend months evaluating software requirements, researching vendors and even[...]
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What Does ERP Software Implementation Include?

When a business tales the step up from an entry-level accounting system like QuickBooks, into a more robust and scalable ERP Software system, proper software implementation is key to successful deployment. So what does “implementation” include? [...]
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