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How to Choose the Wrong Inventory Management Software

Today I exchanged email with a person who is going to select the wrong Inventory Management Software for her company. And there’s nothing I can do to prevent it. Her approach was to come up with a long list of potential vendors, based on very [...]
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Gearing Up for the Holiday Season – Wholesale & Distribution

As I write this on November 28th, it’s clear that the holiday season has already started – at least for shoppers, and consequently for retailers and their suppliers. In the U.S., Thanksgiving and Black Friday officially kick of the start off t[...]
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How Inventory Management Software Leads to Speedier, Cheaper Shipping

Many companies are paying way too much for shipping and wasting valuable resources in the process as well. A robust inventory management software system can help to resolve this problem by ensuring cheaper, faster shipping in the future. Here [...]
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Inventory Management Myths and Software

Myths courtesy of Industrial Supply Magazine In this article we explore 4 common inventory myths that may be costing you money, and examine how to address them with proper inventory management software. (Of course, the software will need to b[...]
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Online Ordering (eCommerce) for Distributors & Wholesalers

The benefits of an online ordering system or web store for distributors and wholesalers are significant, as Mike Schmidt of Industrial Distribution magazine outlines in his article Strictly for Sales. With eCommerce “you are open every minute of every d[...]
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Eliminate Errors: Wholesale Distribution Software Success Story

Too many people try to apply simplistic solutions to complex problems – like politicians at election time. However, sometimes a simple solution actually works out well. A great example of this was a wholesaler that was experiencing a very hig[...]
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Wholesale Inventory Software – What To Look For

This post outlines functionality wholesalers should expect from their Wholesale Inventory Software. The term “wholesale” is a broad industry definition; it includes wholesalers across a variety of industries including: food & bever[...]
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Managing Inventory? That’s a negative!

In the previous post on negative inventory we debunked the myth that some b usinesses “need”  their software to handle negative inventory. With appropriate inventory management business processes in place, there’s never any real [...]
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e-commerce and Inventory Management

Following on from the discussion on e-commerce and ERP software not being islands, let’s consider a practical example that perplexes many business owners and software vendors alike. Many online webstores are part of a business that processes [...]
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FDA / ISO Compliance – ERP Software to the rescue!

Compliance with FDA requirements can be a big burden on small / medium sized  medical distributors. Personnel limitations, and the need to be nimble, cause many such companies to cut corners, and get caught out when audited in inspected. Yet a well-chose[...]