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Lot Tracking Defined: Understanding Common ERP Jargon

Lot tracking is an important concept to understand, and for some businesses, it’s an integral component of distribution inventory software.  This is especially true for businesses that deal with perishable goods, potentially harmful products and pr[...]

Blue Link Makes the Top 100 Software for Food Logistics

Food Logistics magazine recently published their annual list of the top 100 software and technology providers that help food and beverage manufacturers, food service distributors, and grocery retailers achieve their business goals. These goals include end[...]
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Lot Tracking, Traceability & Product Recall Webinar

Blue Link has hosted a webinar on traceability through lot tracking for managing product recalls. The webinar took place on: Thursday, September 27, 2012 2:00-2:30PM Eastern View the Webinar Now! Things you will learn in the web[...]

“We Don’t Need Lot Tracking In Our Company”

For many years, lot tracking inventory has not just been good company practice. In a number of industries, regulating agencies such as the FDA, CFIA, and ISO are now mandating that products be lot-tracked from the time they are received until the time the[...]
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