Wholesale & Distribution Customers by Industry

Blue Link ERP Customers

Our customers are wholesale and distribution businesses with some clients also operating retail and eCommerce channels. Blue Link customers typically have between 5-200 employees and operate across a wide range of industries.

Our customers choose the software and trust our team as their business partner because…
check-mark They are excited about the opportunity to grow their business and expand into new markets
check-mark They need a solution to help with regulatory compliance – Health Canada, DEA, FDA, DSCSA, etc.
check-mark They are frustrated with using multiple, standalone solutions that do not interact with one another
check-mark They are anxious to start selling through other channels such as EDI, eCommerce and Amazon and need an integrated solution to do so
check-mark They are worried about their existing legacy systems crashing and losing data and productivity with no access to support

“If you’re looking for an ERP what you’re really looking for is a company to partner with and with Blue Link you’re in luck. Blue Link is designed such that we have yet to find a something they cannot do. Add to this their excellent people and you have a winning recipe.”

– Peter Smith, CEO

Customer Examples

Hundreds of customers in North America trust Blue Link as their technology partner. Learn more about the different wholesale and distribution businesses that make up our client list with some examples below.  

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