Distribution and Assembly Case Study | Rutherford Controls International


Rutherford Controls Int’l Corp (“RCI”) focuses on providing architectural hardware, locksmith, and security markets with the best in electric locks, door hardware, and access control products. RCI’s emphasis is on customer service, technical expertise and providing innovative electric locking hardware to the industry. RCI consistently strives to stay ahead of the pace of technological development and market demand. Ease of use and installation, extensive variety, as well as the highest level of quality are all standard features in RCI’s product offering.


In 1998, RCI set out to develop an infrastructure that would position the company for projected rapid growth over the next few years. The first challenge was to implement a distribution and wholesale software management system flexible enough to adapt to many of their unique business processes, which had become their competitive advantages over the years. The solution also had to be scalable in order to handle their growth.

RCI was managing several innovative business processes using separate systems and manual workarounds, as no single distribution or wholesale software was able to handle all these requirements. In addition, as the business evolved, so did the business processes, rendering a static solution impractical. These disparate systems were functioning at an acceptable level, but management realized that if they were going to accomplish their significant growth targets, these systems had to be consolidated into one integrated application to reduce data duplication and human intervention.

“Blue Link’s software and professional expertise have been major factors in the success of our company over the past three years. We have come to regard Blue Link as partners in our business.”

– Andy McDougall, RCI


In 1998 RCI purchased Blue Link ERP as its business software management system. Together with a Blue Link consultant, RCI reviewed their business processes and how they mapped to Blue Link’s processes. Some minor custom changes were made to Blue Link to handle some of RCI’s unique business practices, and within two months RCI was live on their new business management software.

A key requirement of RCI was that their historical data had to be transferred to Blue Link. To accomplish this task Blue Link developed a data conversion tool to convert all of their data from their existing DOS-based application.


Since the implementation of Blue Link ERP in 1998, RCI has been a success story and has achieved its growth targets, with Blue Link supporting them through the process. RCI has undergone several additional custom projects to map the system functionality to their changing business processes. RCI has been able to take advantage of new functionality as it is added to Blue Link ERP, completing two version upgrades incorporating their PerfectFit customization, at modest cost.