Consulting Services (Needs Analysis) & Training Videos

Consulting Services

A business requirement consultation / needs analysis is available for customers with complex business processes or requirements. This consultation is often performed prior to the initial sale, or when a company wishes to automate a new component of their business process.

Software Consulting Services
The consultation process involves a consultant from Blue Link and an individual or group of people from your company jointly reviewing the business process. In doing so, the consultant is able to compare business needs with software capabilities and existing procedures, and to create a detailed report, which explains both the requirements and how they may be met.

The customer is provided with a document that sets this out in sufficient detail that it may be used as a basis for determining possible solutions and estimated costs, irrespective of whether the proposed solution is to be delivered by Blue Link or another organization.

Employee Training Services

Customer Training

Blue Link provides extensive training for new customers, available on-site or done remotely. During the implementation planning meeting, Blue Link consultants will work with your company to assess the best training method and schedule time accordingly.

Access Our Training Videos

In addtion to initial training, Blue Link provides customers with exclusive access to dozens of training videos available on our Customer Portal to save your company time and money, and as a supplement to training and support issues. Access to the customer portal is available to all customers, and customers with an active SLA can access the training videos. Please contact us if you need an account created, your password reset or wish to renew your SLA to access the videos.

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