ERP Software for Wholesale Distribution

Blue Link ERP is a great fit for businesses that distribute Consumer-Packaged Goods

Blue Link ERP is perfect for wholesale distribution companies in the consumer-packaged goods industry. As an all-in-one ERP solution, Blue Link helps your business streamline operations and reduce manual processes by providing the following functionality.

  • AR/AP, General Ledger, Bank Management etc.
  • Inventory/Warehouse Management
  • Credit Card Processing
  • Warehouse Shipping and Transfers
  • Purchase Orders
  • Order Entry and Invoicing
  • POS
  • Credit Card Processing
  • eCommerce Integration
  • EDI
  • Landed Cost Tracking
  • Mobile Sales App

Easily Manage Multiple Sales Channels

Many of our customers who sell consumer packaged goods sell through multiple sales channels – including online orders, brick and mortar retail sales, tradeshows, orders from outside sales reps, EDI and more. Many of these customers also sell both B2B and B2C – a business model that requires specific functionality for managing both types of customers and inventory.

Blue Link ERP allows companies to manage all aspects of their business operations and provides tools for managing multiple sales channels – all from within the same system.

More Features

eCommerce and Retail

If you’re looking for an ERP what you’re really looking for is a company to partner with and with Blue Link you’re in luck. Blue Link is designed such that we have yet to find a something they cannot do. Add to this their excellent people and you have a winning recipe.”

-Peter Smith, CEO, Daneson Ltd.

Advanced Functionality



Whether you sell B2C, B2B or through online marketplaces such as Amazon, Blue Link ERP can help with your eCommerce needs. Our Web Services API facilitates two-way integration with your existing B2C websites including Shopify, BigCommerce, XCart and more! This allows for live updates between Blue Link’s ERP software and your webstores including inventory, orders, shipments and payments.

Our B2B Online Order Portal serves as a great tool for your customers and sales reps and allows you to set customer specific pricing.

Marketplace integration works with Amazon, eBay, and vendor/customer specific portals for complete two-way integration.

Warehouse Shipping and Receiving

Warehouse Shipping

Blue Link’s warehouse management and shipping tools help to increase the efficiency of warehouse staff. Our software helps manage the picking, packing and shipping process and integrates with 3rd party sites such as FedEx, Purolator, etc. to enable shipment tracking. Barcode scanning tools help reduce shipping errors and improve the shipping process – helping you to get more orders out the door and keep your customers happy.

Landed Costs

Landed Cost Tracking

Landed cost tracking functionality allows you to determine the actual cost of your inventory by tracking all the costs with getting product into your warehouse – including duty, brokerage, freight, insurance, storage, wharfage and more. This helps you set appropriate margins and pricing. Our landed cost tracking features allow you to automatically track costs, and allocate landed costs proportionately – different percentages based on weight, container, etc.

Creager Mercantile

“The software is working way better than our previous software. The support team has been remarkable, when we submit a case it gets fixed in a very timely manner. We are still working out the kinks but we are getting there.”

– Zach Taylor, Creager Mercantile

Creager Customer Success Story

Blue Link Consumer Packaged Goods Customers

Below you will find a sample of Blue Link customers that are wholesale distributors in the Consumer Packaged Goods industry.  These customers have all benefited from Blue Link’s inventory and accounting ERP software with industry specific functionality such as our barcode scanning, eCommerce and landed cost tracking tools.