Cannabis ERP Software

Beyond Seed-to-Sale

It’s an exciting time in the cannabis industry for businesses across North America and around the world – and Blue Link ERP is here to help Canadian businesses succeed in the market. With over 20 years’ experience as an all-in-one inventory management and accounting ERP solution, Blue Link has been helping businesses streamline and automate processes for decades. Blue Link’s robust lot tracking and reporting functionality for pharmaceutical distribution companies has helped us develop specific features and reports as part of our cannabis ERP software to aid in meeting cannabis regulatory requirements set out by Health Canada and other regulatory bodies.

All-in-One Cannabis ERP Solution

Blue Link ERP is the backbone to your business management stack of applications and includes a variety of features such as:

  • Accounting– A/R, AP, GL, Bank Management
  • Order Entry & Processing
  • Inventory Management
  • Lot Tracking & Batch Control
  • Contact Management & CRM
  • Barcode Scanning
  • Advanced Reporting & Analytics
  • Health Canada Compliance
  • Warehouse Shipping

More Features

Beyond Seed-to-Sale

In addition to ERP software, Blue Link has partnered with several other companies to create an ecosystem of functionality branded as Tetraduo Inc. This suite of integrated best-of-breed solutions goes beyond seed-to-sale and takes care of your business operations front-end to back-end, from cultivation through shipping, so that you can concentrate on what really matters: growing your business.


Precision cultivation technology complete with wireless IoT environmental sensor monitoring and digital record keeping

Inventory & Accounting ERP

All-in-one inventory management and accounting software for wholesale distribution

eCommerce – Shopify Plus

Robust eCommerce solutions with patient management functionality and direct-to-consumer compliance controls

Cannabis POS

Cannabis-specific POS functionality to manage all your retail needs, including multiple locations


Seamless integration between all solutions to ensure the automated flow of information and to eliminate manual data entry

Cannabis Compliance

The Health Canada Cannabis Act includes a variety of regulations and compliance standards depending on the nature of your business, the types of cannabis products that you sell and the customers you deal with. Blue Link’s ERP software includes a variety of controls, reports and data integrity features to ensure adherence to the specific guidelines set out by Health Canada – including CTLS reporting and similar provincial reports.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management: Management of cannabis inventory within Blue Link ensures comprehensive, secure and permanent record keeping of each batch/lot beyond seed to sale. Batch records and lot numbers can be tracked from seed to cultivation to manufacturing to distribution and the information can be quickly accessed, generated into a report and printed/emailed to the appropriate stakeholders. Blue Link includes permission settings to restrict users from accessing and editing specific features and data in the software. Users can track cannabis inventory and sale information through its inventory management, sales history, contact management and reporting functionality.

Lot Tracking/Batch Tracking

Blue Link includes complete lot tracking and recall management features and reporting. Users can quickly generate a recall report by product and lot number which details each affected lot/batch, sales order quantity by customer, customer contact information and other important details to easily identify and recall all affected product.


Robust reporting functionality enables real-time visibility into the status of accounts, orders, inventory and sales. Users can generate, store, print and email custom reports, including recall reports.

Contact Management

Contact management functionality provides detailed record keeping features for managing medical clients, tracking patient and prescription information, tracking sales history and medical documents.

All Blue Link ERP data is stored and maintained in Blue Link’s hosted environment on servers located at a facility designed to Tier III standards which includes sophisticated back-up power protocols and disaster prevention.

Automated CTLS Reporting with Blue Link ERP

Blue Link’s cannabis ERP software helps to automate and simplify CTLS reporting. With Blue Link, information from the ERP gets automatically populated in the Excel file. This enables you to automatically generate a version of the CTLS report/file with all the correct information by simply clicking a button. Once the report has been created, you can then save it as CSV file to upload into the CTLS web application. Based on integration between Blue Link and Excel, we can easily map the Excel CTLS file columns with fields in Blue Link to populate the correct information. This significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to create and submit the CTLS report every month.

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Cannabis Industry

Whether you are a Licensed Producer, retail store, selling through eCommerce, selling ancillary accessories or some combination of the above, Blue Link and Tetraduo have a solution to meet your needs and take you beyond seed-to-sale.

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