Barcode Scanner Software

Barcode Scanner Software

Mobile Scanning App

Improve Your Warehouse Operations

The barcode scanner software feature of Blue Link, designed to streamline the picking, packing, shipping, and receiving procedures, is integrated into our warehouse ERP system and is not offered as an independent product. This software will allow your business to…

  • Eliminate the need for paper in the warehouse
  • Reduce picking errors
  • Save time locating product by providing inventory locations (bin and shelf)
  • Save money by providing you options for multiple scanning devices
  • Easily train new employees as the software is designed with an easy-to-use, intuitive interface

A Demo of Blue Link’s Barcode Scanner Software

Different Barcode Scanning Options – Learn More

Demo featuring Daniela Iaboni of Kidcentral Supply – a Blue Link Customer

Scanning Software Demo Video

Blue Link’s Mobile Scanning App – Overview

Improve Warehouse Operations with Barcode Scanner Software

Benefits of Barcode Scanner Software

More efficient picking. Using wireless handheld devices allows you to identify picking errors at the source, by scanning items as you walk the warehouse floor, thus eliminating the time spent finding and correcting errors when back at a packing station.

Aids in achieving a paperless warehouse. With wireless barcode scanning software, electronic pick slips can be opened and displayed on the device according to a predetermined status (such as ready to be picked).

Easy-to-use technology. Built for multiple mobile device types, this technology makes training easy, and is more economical than systems that only work on the larger, more traditional Motorola-type scanning devices.

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Barcode Scanning – Picking an Order

Barcode scanner softare allows warehouse staff to pick orders and scan barcodes as they walk the warehouse floor.

Picking an Order with Barcode Scanning

Barcode Scanning – Receiving Inventory

Barcode scanner software simplifies the receiving of inventory, allowing staff to scan product as they receive it into the warehouse, updating inventory quantities.

Receiving Inventory with Barcode Scanning

Primary Features

Women looking up inventory with mobile barcode scanner

Inventory Look-Up

The barcode scanning makes it easy for you to quickly scan and look up inventory items while walking your warehouse. Retrieve information on product in stock and on backorder, product available at other locations, product ready to be picked and already picked as well as descriptions, categories, pricing and images. The app supports moving product from one location in a given warehouse to another, with the information updating in Blue Link’s back-end ERP system.

Pick & Pack

For more efficient picking and packing, the barcode scanner software itemizes all products to be picked and details how employees should go through the warehouse from top to bottom in the fastest order according to bin and shelf location. With serialized and lot tracked products, the app works in much the same way and if a user is unable to find product from a specific lot, the lot can be overridden in real-time to pick the same product from a different lot.

Scanning Inventory into the warehouse

Receiving Inventory

Using barcode scanner software to receive product allows you to scan items at the receiving dock to immediately identify and record product on arrival. It records what items were received and then what bin and shelf number the product was allocated to. In order to deal with any discrepancies in sales orders and deliveries, quantities received in the warehouse get recorded as such in Blue Link’s back-end inventory control ERP system for quick comparison against any given sales order.