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Software for Wholesalers and Distributors

Wholesale and distribution businesses are similar in many ways. Blue Link ERP software complete with inventory management, accounting and contact management has been designed with the wholesaler and distributor in mind. With a focus on robust inventory management features, Blue Link ERP helps your wholesale business reduce costs and automate and streamline processes across all departments. With Blue Link, you eliminate the need to manage data in multiple, stand-alone systems. For more information on how we fit distribution businesses, visit our Distribution Software page.

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Wholesale Software by Industry

Blue Link ERP software is developed with specific functionality for certain industries such as businesses dealing with regulated product, companies that import and export goods and those looking for additional features for service and repair, light manufacturing and more. Our software is designed and capable for a variety of wholesale industries including:

  • Apparel, Fashion and Sporting Equipment
  • Baby and Children’s Products
  • Building, Construction and Home Supplies
  • Consumer Goods
  • Food and Beverage
  • Foodservice Equipment
  • Furniture and Appliance Retail
  • Industrial Products
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical
  • Salon & Cosmetics
  • Canadian Seed-to-Sale

Wholesale Software by Business Type

Our software is a great fit for any company that buys and sells inventory, including wholesale businesses that also operate retail and eCommerce channels. Our software is designed and capable for a variety of wholesale business types including:

Man writing testimonial on cell phone

Now after six months working with the product and the Blue Link team, our only regret is that we did not make this move years ago. Over the past few months we have been “tweaking” the product and adding customized changes that have been a real asset to our specific operations, best of all without “breaking the bank” to do so.

Ross Lemire
VP Operations, Accu-Flo

Wholesale Software Features

Blue Link is a completely integrated all-in-one accounting and inventory ERP software system designed specifically for wholesale and distribution. Blue Link includes a variety of features out-of-the-box, as well as optional components and can be completely customized to meet the specific needs of customers.

  • Inventory management
  • Purchase orders
  • Inventory counts, serialized inventory
  • Pricing rules and contracts
  • Multiple UOMs
  • Reporting
  • Kitting, BOM & assembly
  • Financial report writer, sales reports, dashboards
  • Multiple warehouse locations
  • Contact management & CRM
  • Barcode scanning
  • Multi-company
  • Bin and shelf locations
  • Lot (batch) tracking
  • Pick, pack and ship
  • EDI integration
  • Accounting
  • B2C eCommerce
  • A/R, A/P, general ledger, bank management
  • B2B ordering platform
  • Marketplace integration
  • Multi-currency
  • Order entry and invoicing
Blue Link ERP User Interface

Testimonial Video: Kroeger Inc

“We’ve gone from not being able to understand where inventory is to having complete visibility of our inventory at every moment of time – whether it’s sitting on a cart, whether its in a bin, regardless of where it might be.”

Peter Gerogacopoulos, Head of Finance and Procurement

Kroeger Company

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More Features for Wholesale Businesses

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More and more wholesale businesses are integrating with B2C eCommerce sites and marketplaces and implementing B2B ordering platforms to give their customers access to inventory and pricing information and to allow them to place orders 24/7. A B2B ordering platform is also a great option if your wholesale businesses has sales reps who travel frequently, work from home or remote offices and need the ability to place orders on the road or at tradeshows. Blue Link has pre-built eCommerce ERP integration with a variety of B2C eCommerce platforms such as Magento and Shopify.

Point of Sale

Point of Sale

If your wholesale business also operates as a cash and carry, has a showroom for walk-in customers or has separate retail locations, you know the importance of POS functionality. Blue Link ERP offers flexible, high-speed Point-of-Sale functionality that is fully integrated with our inventory management and accounting features. Blue Link’s wholesale POS system is designed to work in-store with barcode readers, cash drawers, receipt printers and display poles to allow your business to process debit, credit and cash sales as well as create orders on account. Blue Link’s POS can track and pull information based on individual location performance, or consolidate information across the entire business if you’re operating multiple locations.

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Landed Cost Tracking

When it comes to inventory management, wholesale businesses know the importance of tracking the true cost of inventory – taking into account expenses incurred to collectively purchase, transport, and import goods, such as border fees, duties, taxes, transport costs and insurance. Blue Link’s landed cost tracking system allows your business to automatically account for and reconcile the costs mentioned above in order to arrive at the true cost of the goods. This protects your margins and helps you make better purchasing and pricing decisions.