Lot Tracking & Traceability Software

Blue Link’s lot tracking software functionality offers lot tracking, serial number tracking and expiration date functionality – imperative for those dealing with food, pharmaceutical and medical products.


0:00-0:22 If you're in a business where you need to track lot numbers such as the food distribution business, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, anywhere where you need to worry about things like manufacturer lot numbers, expiry dates, best before dates, or even the dreaded product recall situation, Blue Link has you covered.

0:23 – 0:38 We’ll use as our example this strictly medicinal product sample namely tequila, and you'll notice that the lot tracking flag has been turned on. What this means is that the system is going to require us to account for lot information on the way in when we receive purchase orders as well as when we ship products out.

0:39- 0:49 The lot inquiry screen will allow us to see all the lot numbers that have come in, how much is remaining and what the particular allocation in sales history are on the two tabs that you see on the screen.

0:50 – 1:02 When we receive purchase orders, we get to specify the lot information for the lot tracked products that are being received, including fields optionally such as best before dates, expiry dates and obviously the lot numbers themselves.

1:03 – 1:22 And of course the same thing applies on sales orders. We can either pre-allocate lots if we want to specify which lots the warehouse people need to ship out for us. Frequently the case when you're dealing with third party logistics warehouses, or alternatively on the shipping screens we can specify or barcode scan any specific lots that we're sending out.

1:23 -1:35 And then tracing the history of what has happened to any specific lot is as easy as using the lot inquiry screen. As we've seen before and tracking down specific lot numbers by filling out the selection criteria at the top of the screen.

1:36 – 1:47 We're using reports to do things like creating a lot recall report. If you have a product recall for a lot number of bunch of lot numbers give you all the information that you need for the recall.

1:47-2:11 Or, as another example, report that might give you a heads up on lots that are going to expire soon, so you better sell them or you're going to lose them. And of course, LRT reports would be e-mail alerts and automated e-mail reports. Now, if you've watched this video right through to the end, thanks a lot.