Lot Tracking Software for Product Traceability

Blue Link’s Lot Tracking Software

Blue Link offers lot tracking functionality as part of an all-in-one inventory and accounting ERP solution.

Lot tracking, or batch tracking, allows for product traceability to keep track of which customers received specific groups (or shipments) of items and when they were received. The supplier and date these items were purchased are also tracked allowing managers to track an individual group of products (or shipment) from the supplier to their own warehouse and ultimately to the customer.

Lot tracking is a core component in achieving FDA / ISO / CFIA compliance for many businesses. This feature of Blue Link ERP also allows users to perform lot costing – tracking actual costs instead of FIFO or average.

Lot Tracking For Traceability

Key Features of Blue Link Lot Tracking Software

  • Aids in achieving FDA / ISO / CFIA compliance
  • Track internal and external lot numbers
  • Pre-assign lot numbers to faciliate FIFO methodology which allows for shipping earlier expiry dates first
  • Manage best before and expiry dates
  • Simplify product recalls and warnings
  • Track product end-to-end from your supplier to your warehouse and ultimately to your customer
  • Auto-generate lot numbers if desired
  • Track as many or as few items as needed
  • Optionally print lot numbers on packing slips or invoices
  • Allows for accurate margin calculations when a single SKU is used for special one-time purchases

Benefits of Traceability

Many industries rely on lot tracking for product recalls and product warnings as well as for better inventory management purposes. Our clients use lot tracking for a variety of purposes and to accomplish a number of organizational goals. Lot tracking can be a powerful tool and Blue Link’s lot tracking capabilities are stronger than those found in standard ERP software.

Lot Tracking Whitepaper

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Customer Feedback

“We manufacture and distribute a surgically implanted medical device in an industry which is highly regulated in Canada, the USA and in most countries around the world. Using an ERP system which provides complete lot tracking capabilities from manufacture to warehousing to sale and/or consignment to exchange and/or return is an absolute necessity. To use a system that accomplishes all of this in a seamless effortless manner and which provides the capability to access and utilize the data for reporting easily is a luxury.”

– Michael Nealon, CFO, Southern Implants

Southern Implants Testimonial

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Food Industry Information
Medical & Pharmaceutical Industry Information
Lot Tracking in the Textile Industry

Other Industries

Not only is lot tracking important for regulatory compliance in industries such as food and pharmaceutical, but also for many other businesses including those in the apparel, textile, and building supply industry.  In these industries, instead of tracking expiry dates and lot numbers for recall purposes, lot numbers are tracked with regards to dye lots. Dye lots apply to those businesses who manage different textiles and products in which identification of specific coloration is an important part of product tracking. When material is dyed in the same vat with the same mixture of colors, it is important to track this information in order to be able to match the color exactly, and to add this information to product labelling.

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