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Fully integrated with Blue Link’s Inventory and Accounting Software

All in One CRM and Inventory Software

Blue Link provides contact manager software and customer relationship management (CRM) software as part of an integrated ERP solution that also includes accounting, inventory management, order entry and invoicing, warehouse management and more. Perfect for wholesale and distribution businesses, as well as those who sell through retail and eCommerce channels, Blue Link is designed as an all-in-one solution to manage your entire business.

Contact Manager and CRM Demo Video

Contact Management Demo Video

Manage Your Contacts Easily

Contact Management is a broad term that can refer to the tracking of customer and/or vendor information and communication as well as tracking sales opportunities (leads and prospects). Blue Link does both – we offer Contact Management as well as advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for managing leads and the sales funnel as part of our integrated inventory and accounting system.

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Blue Link’s Contact Manager Software Features:

Feature Description
Single Point of Entry Keep track of contact information for customers, vendors and prospects through a single point of entry integrated throughout Blue Link’s ERP system.
Quotes, Sales Orders and Purchase Orders Create and manage quotes, sales orders and purchase orders linked to customer and vendor accounts (convert quotes to orders in one click).
Many Data Points Record customer and vendor information such as contacts, phone numbers, emails, addresses, website and source of contact.
Unlimited Contacts Track an unlimited number of contacts associated with an unlimited number of companies.
Log Communication Log verbal and email communication for prospects, customers and vendors.
Automated Emailing Automate emailing of invoices and other customer communication. Turn an order into a PDF and have it automatically emailed on an automated or manual basis.
Enhance Productivity Quick search contacts by company code, company name, contact name, phone number etc. View quotes, open orders and posted invoices from a central contact screen.
Lead Opportunity Management (Optional Component) – Track leads/prospects through a comprehensive sales cycle
– Set statuses, next action dates, appointments and more
– Enter comprehensive notes and track detailed communication
– Acts as a sales dashboard for follow-ups
– Manage marketing lists
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I have been through numerous software changes and this was BY FAR the easiest, most efficient and painless transition that I have been through. It has been smooth sailing since and we love the system.

Shielya Bennett
Accountant, Glacier Glove