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B2B eCommerce Webventure

Designed for Your Sales Reps and Customers

Blue Link provides a fully integrated B2B eCommerce Online Order Portal known as Web.Venture, for use by both your wholesale distribution customers and sales reps. The webstore can be completely customized to include your company graphics, colours and information and is integrated in real-time with Blue Link’s back-end ERP. In addition to B2B eCommerce, Blue Link also includes eCommerce integration with B2C websites and marketplaces such as Amazon.

Blue Link’s B2B Online Order Portal is designed for use by your customers and sales reps.  When sales reps login, they have the ability to choose which customer they want to make a purchase on behalf of.  All other functionality is available to both your customers and sales reps.

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For Wholesale Distribution Companies:

Your B2B Customers Can:

  • Log-in to browse inventory online with their own customer-specific pricing
  • Place orders at their convenience with up to date pricing and (optionally) product availability information
  • Track order status in real-time
  • View or print online statements, and drill down to order and invoice detail
  • Copy and submit a previous order or create an entirely new one
  • Create shopping lists
  • Search product by brand, vendor and/or category
  • Find “retailers near you” in order to easily pick up or view product in store
  • Pay by credit card online

Your Sales Reps Can:

  • Access Web.Venture across devices that are connected to the internet – including tablets
  • Enter orders for their customer accounts from anywhere they have an internet connection
  • Look up inventory and pricing information for each of their customer accounts
  • View information about their customer accounts including account balances, order status, and more

All information is synced in real-time with Blue Link ERP for accurate inventory and pricing information. Once an order is submitted online, a sales order is created in Blue Link without the need for any re-keying of information.

Web.Venture is user-friendly and dynamic, allowing your business to easily:

  • Configure all aspects of the site without any web design expertise – layout, colours, labels, even language (Web.Venture is a multi-lingual product)
  • Determine which of your products are displayed on the site, which customers have access, and what they can and cannot do
  • Create promotional lists and highlight “new” products under each category/brand/vendor
  • Display multiple  images per inventory item for a complete view of available product
  • Receive sales orders directly into Blue Link’s order entry screens without re-keying anything
  • Have a 24/7 sales presence
B2B eCommerce - Web.Venture

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