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ERP demo videos of Blue Link are an excellent way to get a sense of the benefits offered by our software system. Watch our ERP demo videos of the following modules and components to see how they work, and how they can help your business.

Pharma ERP Demo Videos


Pharma ERP – Overview

Learn more about Blue Link’s Pharma ERP to help maintain compliance with the DSCSA, DEA and other regulatory bodies. Transcription...Read More


Online Order Portal – CSOS

Learn more about Blue Link’s Pharma ERP software and fully integrated Online Order Portal and CSOS functionality. Transcription 0:00 –...Read More


Suspicious Order Monitoring (SOM)

Learn more about Blue Link’s Pharma ERP software with specific functionality for managing Suspicious Order Monitoring (SOM). Transcription 0:00 –...Read More

Webinars and Training Sessions


Sales Order Entry – Tips to Increase Productivity

Want to learn how to be more productive entering Sales Orders in Blue Link? This ERP demo video walks you...Read More


Pricing Scenarios – Contracts, Discounts and Promotions

Learn about how to manage different pricing scenarios in Blue Link ERP. This demo video includes information about pricing contracts,...Read More


Financial Report Writer – Excel Add-in

Learn how to easily create, edit and share financial reports, such as Profit and Loss Statements and Balance Sheets with...Read More


Using Blue Link to Track Costs, Revenues and Profits

This ERP demo video shows you how to track costs, revenues and profits associated with a job using Blue Link’s...Read More


Advanced Excel Features

This video walks you through multiple advanced Excel functions that any business owner can use to increase efficiencies when analyzing...Read More

Dynamic Arrays in Excel (Part 1)

In this Excel tutorial, we'll go through a newer advanced function in Excel known as Dynamic Arrays.  It's a function...Read More

Dynamic Arrays in Excel (Part 2)

In this Excel tutorial, we will be continuing on with our Dynamic Arrays tutorial and addressing some of the older...Read More

Understanding U.S Pharmaceutical Information Exchange, DSCSA

An engaging and enlightening discussion delving into the crucial topic of tracking serialized inventory and files for pharmaceutical distributors. In...Read More

Is Blue Link Right for Your Business?

Now that you’ve watched some of our ERP demo videos and have seen our system in action, learn more about our industry-specific functionality to support your wholesale and distribution business.

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