Blue Link ERP Demo Videos

Product tours of Blue Link ERP are an excellent way to get a sense of the benefits offered by our software system. View screenshots and software demo videos of the following modules and components to see how they work, and how they can help your business.

The following videos highlight aspects of Blue Link’s new user interface, available in Blue Link Version 14.

New User Interface

This is a tour of Blue Link’s brand new user interface! New features include a customizable homepage, user-friendly global navigation, convenient dashboard toolbar and more!

Accounting Highlights

Learn more about how Blue Link ERP software handles accounting processes such as posting integrity checks, G/L drill down, A/P alternate vendor payments and A/R collections.

Inventory Overview and Set-Up

This video demonstrates how to set up and manage inventory items in Blue Link ERP software. Learn how to set units of measure, item descriptions, customer pricing and more!

Executive Summary

Explore the Executive Summary Screen that provides you with a snapshot of the health of your business operations and other reporting dashboards available in Blue Link ERP.

Inventory Available Reorder

Learn more about how to determine available and committed inventory quantities, how to drill down into inventory information and how to make informed decisions about inventory replenishment.

Sales Order Entry – Overview

Learn how to easily enter a sales order into Blue Link ERP software and features such as multiple ship-to locations, inventory item look-up and pricing rules.

Sales Order Entry – Additional Functionality

Learn about additional functionality in Blue Link ERP’s sales order entry screen such as how to easily add product when you’re unsure of product codes and how to create a purchase order directly from a sales order.

Sales Order Review and Pack to Container

Learn about Blue Link’s sales order review functionality where users can easily manage sales order workflow from within one simple screen. This video also highlights features of Blue Link’s pack to container screen.

Purchase Order Entry, Receipt, Return & Requisition

Learn about Blue Link’s Purchase Order functionality and specifically how to manage purchase order entry, review, receipt, returns and requisition, as well as how to factor in landed costs with purchase orders.

Different Costing Methods

Learn about how Blue Link uses Average Cost, FIFO and lot costing methods to accurately manage product costs, and how to track landed costs within the system.

Landed Cost Tracking

Discover how Blue Link automates landed cost tracking to determine your true cost of inventory after incorporating the cost to get inventory in the door – such as duty, brokerage, and freight.

Product (Colour/Size) Matrix

Blue Link’s Product Matrix functionality is designed for dealing with many variations of a product such as style and size and is primarily used for apparel products.

Groups and User Permissions

Learn about Blue Link’s built-in security and user-permission features. Blue Link allows you to segment users by an individual or by groups (such as “Sales”).

Online Order Portal

Blue Link’s online order portal is designed for both B2B customers and/or sales reps. Learn how users can log in to browse product, easily place orders and view statements.

Contact Management and CRM

Manage prospects, opportunities, customers, and vendors with Blue Link’s contact management and CRM functionality. Sales reps have easy access to information including quotes, next action dates, and follow-ups.

Barcode Scanning – Picking an Order

Blue Link’s mobile handheld picking and barcode scanning features allow warehouse staff to pick orders and scan barcodes as they walk the warehouse floor, and is designed for use on iOS devices.

 Barcode Scanning – Receiving Inventory

Blue Link’s mobile barcode scanning features simplify the receiving of inventory, allowing staff to scan product as they receive it into the warehouse, updating inventory quantities. Designed for use on iOS devices.

Lot Tracking & Traceability Software

Blue Link’s lot tracking software functionality offers lot tracking, serial number tracking and expiration date functionality – imperative for those dealing with food, pharmaceutical and medical products.

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Creager Mercantile

“The software is working way better than our previous software. The support team has been remarkable – when we submit a case it gets fixed in a very timely manner. We are still working out the kinks but we are getting there.”

– Zach Taylor, Creager Mercantile