B2B Order Portal

Blue Link's proprietary B2BOP or B2B Order Portal  gives your customers the ability to place orders at their own time and is directly integrated with Blue Link ERP.


0:00 – 0:04 Hi, I’m Danielle, and today we’re going to be talking about B2BOP.

0:04 – 0:14 Blue Links business to business online order portal or B2BOP for short, is an online portal that gives your customers the convenience to submit sales orders at their own time.

0:15 – 0:25 Product details, customer prices and other information is automatically synced, eliminating the need to manage multiple sets of data. This is because of the direct integration to Blue Link ERP.

0:27 – 0:35 Once logged in, Users can search for products in a number of ways by using the search field, shopping lists, category links, or finding the product using the left navigation.

0:38 – 0:49 To learn more about a product, the user can open the products details page where they can see information such as quantity breaks, availability, manufactures part number, their price and a detailed description of the product.

0:51 – 0:56 As items are added to the cart, they’re listed down the right side of the page for easy review and changes as needed.

0:59 – 1:05 Pressing the checkout button opens the carts review screen, allowing the user to review their items before proceeding to the checkout.

1:06 – 1:15 Before submitting their order, users can edit their shipping address, request a different ship date, add their purchase order number, or even add a note if they so please.

1:21 – 1:29 Pressing the complete order button, submits the order where it is received automatically into the Blue Link ERP software for review and processing.

1:30 – 1:41 If the User has permission, they will be able to view their companies Account Information. This permission is granted when a User is set-up and can be turned on or off as applicable for each user.

1:43 – 1:55 Account info shows details of the customer’s account including information such as terms, outstanding Invoices, balance owing, and credit limit. All the shipping locations for the customer are also listed here.

1:56 – 2:13 Order history provides a list of all sales orders, both opened and invoiced, that your customer has placed with you, no matter how the order was received. The user can search for a specific order by date, or by a reference such as sales order, invoice, or purchase order number.

2:14 – 2:20 Details of a sales order can be viewed and the Invoice for an order can be re-printed.

2:23 – 2:27 The user can also add all the products from the order to a shopping list.

2:28 – 2:35 Sales Reps can also be given access to the online portal so they can create and submit sales orders for their customers.

2:36 – 2:52 When a Sales rep logs in, a list of their customers is presented. When they select a customer, they are logged in as if they were the customer and have the ability to create and submit sales orders on their behalf. This capability is very useful if your sales reps are visiting customers on site.

2:54 – 3:00 To learn more about how Blue Link’s Online Order Portal can be used. Feel free to contact us. We’re more than happy to chat.