WMS for Small Business

Warehouse ERP System for SMBs

Blue Link ERP is an all-in-one inventory managament and accounting system, complete with WMS functionality for small businesses. In addition to functionality for inventory management, accounting, sales orders, purchase orders, contact management and more, Blue Link has developed specific warehouse management software (WMS) tools for SMBs. Depending on your warehouse needs, choose from either Blue Link’s built-in warehouse management features or choose our advanced WMS Lite functionality. Both options provide your business with specific tools for optimizing your warehouse operations, including barcode scanning, pick, pack and ship features, pack-to-container and more.  Learn more about both options below.


Blue Link Warehouse ERP System

Blue Link’s warehouse ERP system includes features designed to manage multiple workflow and supply chain processes. Whether you own your own warehouses, work with 3PLs or a combination of both, Blue Link provides functionality for efficient inventory and warehouse management. Blue Link’s built-in functionality and warehouse shipping module is ideal for the following environments:

  • Less complex warehouses where location tracking is not required
  • Retail and eCommerce companies with distribution centres
  • Mobile inventory where trucks, trailers etc. serve as non-traditional warehouse locations which require inventory management
  • Cash and Carry type businesses looking to manage inventory within their warehouses

Warehouse ERP System Features

Multiple warehouse locations Consolidated pick slips Tracking of bin/shelf plus overflow locations
In-transit warehouse Ability to print shipping labels Pick/pack/ship workflow management
Wireless barcode scanner Generate master shipment and specific box (within a shipment) tracking Barcode verification scanning
Shipping box/container history Create/view/print picking and packing slips (pick slips in logical picking order Integration with shipping carriers – shipping information/tracking numbers and pricing returned
Ability to associate hyperlink tracking number to sales order to track products Serial number/lot number selection Ability to select shipping container sizer and allocate product to specific shipping boxes

Blue Link ERP is an all-in-one solution designed for small to medium size businesses, primarily wholesalers and distributors. As a fully integrated system, Blue Link provides robust functionality for managing inventory, accounting, order entry and processing, contact management, eCommerce integration and warehouse management. Blue Link’s warehouse ERP system includes functionality to help improve speed and accuracy through automated workflows and is the ideal solution for businesses with small warehouses, stock rooms and storage facilities.

Features Overview

ERP Pricing Guide

This guide takes an in-depth look into different software pricing tiers, features, and functionality that influence costs, a real-world example of what costs to expect and how to implement ERP software on a budget.

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Advanced WMS for Small Business

small business WMS

WMS Lite

If your business is looking for a more advanced Warehouse Management System or WMS functionality, Blue Link provides WMS Lite, the perfect solution for growing businesses. This advanced functionality is best suited for the following types of operations:

  • Businesses with larger warehouses and a high volume of orders
  • Businesses with warehouses in which there are multiple storage locations for the same SKU
  • Businesses which utilize barcode scanning and handheld picking to manage their receiving, picking, packing and shipping processes


WMS Menu

The WMS menu allows warehouse employees to pick, receive, put away, show locations and more.

WMS Lite Menu

Warehouse Location Information

The WMS Lite Warehouse Location Info Screen shows the product scanned, quantities on hand and allocated, and the specific locations of each and shows a picture of the product.

Warehouse location info screen
Barcode Scanning for Lot Tracking

Lot Tracking in WMS Lite

Blue Link’s WMS for small business functionality includes lot tracking capabilities for companies that need to track batches or lots. Lot tracking in Blue Link helps you manage lots or batches of product received, quantities of lots being stored in various locations of your warehouse and the quantities of lots you shipped to your customers. Many industries rely on lot tracking for product recalls as well as for meeting industry compliance standards.

Learn More About Lot Tracking

The Benefits of Blue Link’s WMS – A Testimonial by Kroeger Inc

Benefits of a WMS for Small Businesses

Eliminate double entry. Integration with major shipping carriers eliminates the need to re-key data into multiple systems and means tracking information and pricing is automatically associated with each order.

Reduce the amount of time required per order. Consolidated pick slips and bin/shelf location tracking makes it easy for employees to pick product following the most efficient route in your warehouse, reducing the amount of time to ship each order.

Improve efficiency with barcode scanning. Replace manual warehouse processes with Blue Link’s mobile scanning app or simplified verification scanning, and ensure the right product is picked and shipped every time. Aids in achieving a paperless warehouse. With wireless barcode scanning, electronic pick slips can be opened and displayed on the device according to a predetermined status (such as ready to be picked). Easy-to-use technology, built for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPod Touches, this tool makes training easy, and is more economical than the larger, more traditional Motorola-type scanning devices.

WMS Lite Functionality

Feature Description
Integration with Tablets and Barcode Scanning Devices Ability to run the Blue Link WMS Lite Screen on laptops, iOS, Android and Microsoft tablets in conjunction with barcode scanning devices. This allows users to mount tablets to carts, forklifts, etc. for use while picking product.
Empty Bin/Shelf Availability When receiving product, system will show available locations in the warehouse to add SKUs based on what space is empty.
Ability to Set Up Stocking and Non-Stocking Locations Ability to set up locations within the warehouse as either stocking or non-stocking. This shows the true count of inventory within the warehouse, but will separate product available and product already allocated to an existing order. Allows for cross-docking of product.
Stocking Location Priorities and Ratings Ability to set up stocking location priorities and ratings for more efficient picking. System will create pick list for most efficient pick route, based on these priorities and ratings.
Movement Tracking of Product System logs every single movement of product in the warehouse. When you pick product from a shelf location and add it to your cart, the system will deplete the units from the shelf and increase the units to your cart. This provides users the ability to see inventory that is still physically available in the warehouse but already allocated to a specific order. This also allows you to manage the time it takes to move product from one location to another, in order to report on the data for more efficient warehouse layouts.
Cross Docking Ability to receive and ship product without putting it away.
Man writing testimonial on cell phone

We’ve probably gone from 30 orders a day in the past, to probably 100 with being able to just one-by-one get the orders out.

Kroeger Customer
Peter Gerogacopoulos
Head of Finance and Procurement, Kroeger Inc