Salon and Cosmetic Distribution Software

Inventory and Accounting ERP

Blue Link ERP is an all-in-one inventory management and accounting system designed specifically for wholesale and distribution businesses, including those in the salon and cosmetic distribution industry. Functionality includes:

  • AR/AP, General Ledger, Bank Management etc.
  • Inventory/Warehouse Management
  • Warehouse Shipping and Transfers
  • Purchase Orders
  • Order Entry and Invoicing
  • eCommerce Integration

Blue Link ERP provides salon and cosmetic distribution software to help your business manage operations across all business departments. Blue Link also has some industry-specific features common for salon and cosmetic distribution.

Manage retail operations with point-of-sale (POS) features. Blue Link ERP provides point-of-sale functionality for use in retail brick and mortar stores and for processing orders and accepting payment at tradeshows. Blue Link’s POS component integrates with our full accounting and inventory tool set.

Enhance the customer service experience with contact management and CRM.  Comprehensive and flexible sales lead opportunity tracking and management improve the customer service experience and provides a dashboard for managing regular customer communication and sales prospects.

Salon and Cosmetic Products

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“2 years ago, we had a major issue where our computer server went down and we were unable to get most of those files back. Blue Link allowed us to host our information and our system on their server in their office. For 2 months we had constant support from the Blue Link team to ensure that we could continue to run our business.”

– Jake Vella, General Manager

Improve warehouse operations with barcode scanning. Blue Link ERP includes barcode scanning for receiving, picking, packing and shipping. Our mobile handheld picking app allows your team to scan product as they walk the warehouse floor, improving pick time and reducing errors.

Reach even more customers with a B2B Online Order Portal.  Blue Link’s B2B online order portal allows your customers to view inventory and place orders 24/7/365. Manage customer specific pricing and increase sales by giving your customers the ability to order product when it’s convenient for them.

Blue Link Salon Distribution Customers

Below you will find some examples of Blue Link customers that are wholesale distributors in the Salon and Cosmetics industry.  These customers have all benefited from Blue Link’s inventory and accounting ERP software with industry specific functionality such as our contact management, CRM, point-of-sale, lot tracking, eCommerce and landed cost tracking tools.