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Blue Link’s Pharmaceutical Distribution Software provides functionality to manage all aspects of your pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution business. As an all-in-one pharmaceutical ERP system, Blue Link includes robust accounting and inventory management features and advanced functionality for traceability, lot tracking, regulatory compliance with the DEA, FDA and DSCSA, EDI integration, barcode scanning and warehouse management.

These features work together to automate processes and grow your business, increase transparency, and aid in regulatory compliance.

Pharmaceutical Distribution Software Functionality

Lot Tracking (Traceability) DEA & State License Expiry Date Management Identification of Product
Customer SKU Classification & Controlled
Drug Scheduling
Revision Control Transaction History Management (T3)
Short Dated Drugs Management Saleable Returns – Verification Router Service Controlled Substance Ordering System
Suspect & Illegitimate Product Handling Suspicious Order Monitoring (SOM) Compliance Reporting
Accounting – A/R, A/P, GL, Bank
Management, etc.
Order Entry & Invoicing Purchase Orders
Warehouse Management & Shipping Barcode Scanning Serialized Equipment Tracking
Inventory Management Pricing Rules Reporting & Analytics
Contact Management & CRM B2B Online Order Portal Commission Management

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The Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), signed into legislation by US President Barack Obama on November 27, 2013, ushered in a new age of transparency and accountability in the pharmaceutical industry. The DSCSA outlines several phases aimed at establishing an interconnected platform that will successfully identify and trace specific prescription drugs as they move through the supply chain. Upon the completion of the ten-year implementation process, the resulting system in place will enable the communication of information at the individual package level identifying where a specific drug has been at different stages of the supply chain. The goal of this transition is to permit the verification of the legitimacy of the drug products, facilitate more efficient and timely recall procedures and protocols, and enhance the detection and notification of illegal products.

For wholesale distributors dealing with pharmaceuticals, Blue Link closely monitors FDA, DEA and the progression of DSCSA requirements and frequently consults with existing customers and industry experts to ensure the pharmaceutical specific functionality offered continues to meet the needs of the industry and new standards/regulations as they come into effect.

Learn more about the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA) and Pharmaceutical
Distribution Software.

NABP Drug Distributor Accreditation
Program (VAWD)

The NABP DDA program (VAWD) is an accreditation that is issued by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy (NABP) to pharmaceutical wholesale drug distribution facilities. The accreditation verifies that distributing facilities are in compliance with state and federal laws which ultimately helps to prevent counterfeit drugs from entering the U.S. market. It is currently recognized by 21 states in the U.S., and is a requirement in Indiana, North Dakota, and Wyoming. Other states require NABP DDA as a condition of license renewal for disciplinary cases.

Over half of all Blue Link pharma customers have been able to achieve VAWD/NABP with the help of our pharma ERP software.

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Lot Tracking

Lot tracking, or batch tracking, allows for product traceability to keep track of which customers received specific groups (or shipments) of items and when they were received. The date these items were purchased and supplier they came from are also tracked, allowing you to monitor an individual group of products (or shipment) from the supplier to your own warehouse and ultimately to the customer. Strong lot tracking features will also allow users to print lot numbers on documents including invoices and packing slips. Lot tracking is especially important if any of the products you distribute are ever recalled – associating a specific lot number to products makes it much easier to handle recalls.

Blue Link’s software is a great fit for wholesalers and distributors in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, specifically because of our robust and cost-effective traceability features. With Blue Link, you receive an all-in-one solution with lot tracking functionality at a competitive price.

Love the new look and functionalities of V14…just wanted to extend our congratulations to your entire team.

Kris Inapuri
Controller, Oak Drugs

DEA & State License Expiry Date
Management & DEA License # Tracking

Blue Link ERP identifies within the system the type of license, state, license number, expiry date, and allowable drug schedules for each customer ship-to address and prevents an order from being processed if the customer has an invalid license. This allows you to generate reports with information on licenses that are approaching expiry and is interfaced with Blue Link’s B2B Online Order Portal. The system also stores digital copies of Customer and Vendor Licenses for future reference.

Blue Link’s B2B Online Order Portal allows your customers and/or sales reps to login, view inventory and specific pricing, track license information, view past orders and more. Your customers and/or sales reps can then place orders which automatically populate into Blue Link ERP’s order entry and processing tools.

Transaction History (T3)

The DSCSA requires that all trading partners including manufacturers, repackagers, wholesale distributors, and dispensers not accept pharmaceutical products unless the trading partner they receive the product from can provide specific information about the product. This specific requirement dictates that every shipment moving through the supply chain include a Transaction Report or T3.

To meet these needs, Blue Link includes transaction history (product/lot tracing information) of a specific drug’s route and automatic tracking of information stored to one level back and one level forward. The software includes the ability to enter complete transaction tracking for each product/lot back to the manufacturer and full Transaction Reporting (T3).

Saleable Returns – Verification Router
Service “VRS” powered by LSPediA

VRS features allow you and your employees to verify that the unique product identifier on a returned product is authentic and includes barcode scanning functionality to read applicable 2D Datamatrix barcodes of the smallest saleable unit. Direct integration between Blue Link’s returns functionality and the Verification Router Service, powered by LSPediA meets the November 27, 2019, DSCSA requirements around Saleable Returns and expands the capability to perform product verification in real time with sub-second response from anywhere, utilizing the Unique Product Identifier (GTIN, Serial #, Lot #, Expiration Date).

In addition, Blue Link ERP has the ability to integrate with other Verification Router Services for managing Saleable Returns.

Controlled Substance Ordering System

A Controlled Substance Ordering System (CSOS) allows distributors, pharmacies and manufacturers to transmit Schedule II (CII) orders electronically. This feature is certified by the DEA as an approved legal process based on industry regulations and streamlines the order and reporting process for Scheduled Drugs. Our CSOS functionality allows trading partners in the supply chain to place orders online for Schedule II (C2) controlled substances. CSOS is built into Blue Link’s B2B Online Order Portal.

Learn More About CSOS

Suspicious Order Monitoring (SOM)

Since 1971, the DEA has required pharmaceutical “registrants” to monitor sales orders and inform their DEA Field Division Office of any suspicious orders including unusual size, orders deviating substantially from a normal pattern, and orders of unusual frequency. Blue Link ERP includes configurable SOM capabilities to monitor sales order activity in a number of areas including;

  • Unusual size
  • Unusual order patterns
  • Monthly ordering frequency
  • Ratio of controlled vs. non-controlled quantities
  • Combinations of products
  • Items outside of scope of practice
  • Strength check
  • Product family combinations
  • Percentage of products from the same family


This functionality will automatically put a sales order “on hold” and send a notification to an authorized user within our customer’s business if certain criteria are met. Configuring the criteria and removing the “hold” status requires specific user permissions.

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Blue Link ERP’s robust reporting functionality allows for the automatic printing and emailing of Transaction Reporting (T3), Customer License Expiry Report and allows users to automatically generate and upload ARCOS/CSOS reports to the DEA at a set scheduled date and time (as determined by you). Blue Link also has Lot Expiry Reports and Lot Recall Reports, in addition to standard financial reports, sales reports and inventory reports.

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Identification of Product

Blue Link ERP includes association of NDC#, GTIN, Family, Brand, Strength, Dosage, Drug Classification, Customer Limits, Lot, Expiration Date and Ratio of each product and includes features for printing product specific information on various documentation including printed labels and “Transaction Information”.

Customer SKU Classification &
Controlled Drug Scheduling

Blue Link ERP’s pharmaceutical classification capabilities enables you to restrict the type of controlled “scheduled” drugs any one of your customers can purchase. The software’s limit capabilities enable you to restrict the quantities of controlled drugs a customer can purchase and alerts you when customers exceed their quantity limits at the order level. Drug Family scheduling features enable you to restrict the total quantity of a “Family” of controlled drugs a customer can purchase per order or per month and includes features for managing ratios of controlled vs. non-controlled drug sales by customer on sales orders. In accordance with DEA standards, this feature can also be used to automatically generate ARCOS reports.

Revision Control

Revision control requires that a company uses internal lot numbers or other methods to track product revisions. For example, you may have a product that has received blanket FDA approval under one product code (SKU), but you carry several different versions (minor revisions) of the product. Splitting these into separate SKUs is one option, but you still need a method of differentiating the revisions. To manage the tracking of revisions in Blue Link, the software includes functionality that allows a company to track multiple lots and revisions under the same SKU.

Short Dated Drugs Management

Short Dated Drugs functionality enables you to identify when a product should be considered “Short Dated” and allows you to associate a specific price to that products lot.

Suspect and Illegitimate Product Handling

Under DSCSA regulations, if a trading partner in the supply chain identifies that a product in their possession is suspicious or deemed illegitimate, they are required to notify the FDA and all other immediate trading partners who may have received the suspicious/illegitimate product, no later than 24 hours after making the determination. Once the trading partner has notified the appropriate people, they are then responsible for quarantining the product and immediately launching an investigation. Blue Link has developed specific functionality in our pharmaceutical ERP software to manage this process including the ability to:

  • Quarantine and remove product from the supply chain that is considered suspect
  • Store detailed information on lot controlled products, sales and purchase history (Pedigree and Transaction Reporting)
  • Manage information and images pertaining to the shape, size and description of product

On behalf of Primed and Adelphia I would like to thank you and your staff for working with us in creating our custom project. It’s working out great so far! It has reduced lots of work time on our end and we were able to swiftly import and update all our missing data for the past year. We are finally starting to get great use out of Blue Link and enjoy using this software! Absolutely brilliant work. We really appreciate all the effort you and your staff have put into this project to make it work…thanks again for a job well done!

Rachel Steinberg
Primed Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical Distribution Customers

Below you will find some examples of Blue Link customers that are wholesale distributors in the Pharmaceutical and Medical industry. These customers have all benefited from Blue Link’s inventory and accounting ERP software with industry specific functionality to aid in DSCSA and FDA requirements such as our lot tracking, transaction reporting, CSOS and license management tools. As an expert in the pharmaceutical industry, Blue Link works with a variety of small-medium size pharmaceutical wholesale and distribution businesses across the US.

Strategic Partnerships
Pharmaceutical Industry Memberships

Blue Link ERP maintains its strong presence in the pharmaceutical industry by keeping up-to-date on industry regulations and compliance as set out by the FDA, DEA, DSCSA and other affiliated governing bodies. For wholesale distributors, it is important to work with a software vendor like Blue Link that has a strong presence in the pharmaceutical world. Blue Link does this by maintaining a membership with the Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA), by forming partnerships with industry experts and by regularly participating in pharmaceutical conferences, seminars and tradeshows.

Information from one aspect of the software flows through to information from other aspects – the system is designed to heavily automate processes. For example, once an order has been processed and is ready to be picked, the system will automatically generate a pick slip which gets sent to the warehouse.

Pharma Solutions USA Inc (formerly Five Rivers RX and NavigateSOM)

Blue Link works with Pharma Solutions to help pharmaceutical distribution businesses find and implement proper inventory and accounting pharmaceutical ERP software.

Pharma Solutions enables the drug supply chain to ensure quality and security through consulting and administrative solutions that leverage innovation, expertise, and technology. The company’s services span Federal and State requirements including State Licensing, VAWD Accreditation, DEA Compliance and providing technological solutions to help pharmaceutical companies along the supply chain. Pharma Solutions are always hyper-focused on client care and meeting client objectives


Powered by LSPediA, the verification router service in Blue Link ERP works to meet the November 27, 2019 DSCSA requirements and expands the capability to perform product verification in real time with sub-second response from anywhere, on any device, utilizing the unique product identifier.

LSPediA is a leading supply chain software provider for the pharmaceutical industry. LSPediA’s serialization solution RxChain enables pharmaceutical manufacturers, wholesale distributors, dispensers to manage data, distribute products, and track inventory at the serialized level. LSPediA’s Verification Router Service enables authorized trading partners to authenticate serialized products, verify returns, and deter counterfeiting.


Blue Link works with RxVirtual as an integration partner for eCommerce, EDI and integration with other third-party applications.

RxVirtual is a US based and operated IT company with focus in providing the most modern technology solutions, including EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to allow businesses to streamline and automate their operations. Founded by a group of highly experienced IT specialists with years of collaboration in TOP enterprise level organizations.


Blue Link integrates with Trxade allowing for data to be electronically passed between Blue Link and the Trxade platform.

Founded by an independent pharmacist in 2010, the Trxade platform offers true price transparency to its over 7,500 Pharmacy members with industry-leading cost comparison tools and advanced search features that put Pharmacies in control of their Rx purchases like never before. They are the leading pharmaceuticals e-commerce marketplace featuring 30+ pedigree and VAWD compliant wholesalers price competing in real time like Amazon and eBay.

It’s Time to Grow Your Pharmaceutical Wholesale Distribution Business

Blue Link’s pharmaceutical distribution software helps your business reduce manual work, automate processes and remain compliant with industry regulations so that you can focus on what really matters: growing your business. Let us help you with the hard work by providing an all-in-one pharmaceutical distribution system to manage your business operations.

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