Blue Link Technical Support

Personalized, In-House Support

Support is delivered by Blue Link’s team of experienced and knowledgeable in-house staff. Unlike many other software companies, we rotate experienced consultants and developers through support. This means that when you have a question, you are always dealing with someone who has the necessary in-depth understanding of the product, business processes and accounting. All Blue Link support staff work in-house and so get to know you and your business in detail – we understand your unique business needs to provide your business the support it needs as quickly as possible.

Support Services

Blue Link support is completely personalized which results in you speaking to the same few representatives each time – who get to know you and your business on a personal level. Blue Link is pleased to offer our customers a range of personalized technical support options:

Online Customer Portal
Visit our Online Customer Portal where we are constantly adding to the 100s of pre-recorded training videos. Save costs by using the training videos as opposed to contacting support directly when dealing with small issues and as a tool for training new employees.
Hours of Operation
Our phone support lines are open from 9AM to 5PM Monday to Friday, with provisions in place for emergency situations and for clients who operate outside of those hours.
E-Mail Support
Support is available via e-mail. Click here to submit your question to Blue Link support and one of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly.
Please note, the same rules that govern the billing of phone support govern support through other communication mediums such as e-mail, fax, and online. Please read your support contract for more details concerning billing.

“I can’t say enough about the support that we have had at Blue Link. Some people might know Darren as the resident genius; he is a genius. He, along with Monique, but he especially, has been able to look at some very specific things with us and he’s been able to come up with some amazing solutions.”

– John Valente, Co-Owner, Marigolds and Onions

Blue Link Support

We aim to build a lasting relationship and will work as a trusted advisor to help grow your business. Your support concerns will always be addressed by a team of knowledgeable, in-house consultants who understand your business, not by a random call centre rep who you have never spoken to before, and likely never will again.

“I love working with the clients – that’s my favourite part. When I call the customers, I have not only a business relationship, but we take the time to ask each other how our weekends were, how we are, what’s new. So that’s important, not only on a business level but even just building that relationship with the customer and knowing that you’re not just an employee at Blue Link, you’re also someone that they can turn to for anything that they might need.”

– Joanne Fazari, Customer Service

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